Does anyone know how to tell if a J12 is real or a fake?

  1. My friend has a J12 and said it cost her $3650-- it is the white ceramic without any diamonds. She wants to sell it because she doesn't wear it much and I'm thinking about buying it, but I don't know how to tell if it's real or not. :confused1: I know a lot about LV and she does have real Louis Vuitton handbags, and so I'm assuming her J12 is real, but I would like to do some research before I purchase it to make sure it's real! I know fakes are getting better and better and it's really pissing me off, but I'm just not familiar with the J12... any help would really be appreciated!!
  2. post pics in the Authenticate This! sticky.
    Close ups of the front, back and clasp.
  3. I did post pics in that forum after you asked me to, but only one person replied and she's not sure... any help??
    watch 1a.jpg watch 2a.jpg
  4. I think you can buy a brand new one with full warranty for about that price.
  5. Like Mon asked you before, does your friend still got the waranty card, receipt and box that came with it?

    I know I would keep those things when I would buy such an expensive watch.
  6. Yea ask if she has the receipt ... Maybe that will help you out better.
  7. Ok, I'll ask her when she gets off work today. What if she doesn't have the receipt or anything? Personally if I'm just going to be wearing it, I don't need those things, but I want to make sure the watch is real...

    I know that fake J12s have the little adjustable rivets all the way around on each link and the real ones do not, but that's the only thing that i really know.

    From the pictures only, can you tell if it's real or not?
  8. Why wouldn't she have kept the receipt and everything else? It's very important to keep those in case something happens with the watch. If it needs to get fixed or for insurance, for instance.

    The pictures aren't clear enough to tell and with jewelry it's much more difficult to tell by pictures only.
  9. It looks kind of beat up. Can the ceramic be polished? For a bit more, I would get a new one. I've read sells authentic and that watch is around $2900 on there.
  10. Another issue, I would think, is the inside mechanism of the watch. DH collects watches and it doesn't matter about the casing as much as the 'works'. I don't know if anyone would take out the works from a J12, but with other high end watches they have to open them up to make sure they are real.
  11. I talked her down lower than $2k... she said she didn't keep the receipts because the thought she was going to keep it forever, but ended up not wearing it. She said she bought it a year ago. And she also said that if for any reason I decide I don't like it (authenticity included, but she said that wouldn't happen) that I can of course get all of my money back.
    And honestly, I never kept any receipts from LV purchases or boxes or whatever until this past year... so I guess to some people stuff like that doesn't matter? Idk... Sure I'd prefer it if she had her boxes and stuff, but if she doesn't, is that really a no-go?
  12. mmm, i just wonder why she is selling her watch so cheap?
    i agree with jbcesq that the watch looks really beat up. is it because the watch is dirty that there are brown spots where the grooves are in the strap?
  13. I think the $1900 is just a family friend discount type thing? Yeah, it does look a little dirty, but it's nothing that can't be cleaned up, ya know? I can't afford to spend $3650 for a new watch (I'd love to!!) and if it just needs cleaning, I don't mind that at all!

    If you check out the other LV Forum, she's also wanting to sell me her Exotic Marilyn that she doesn't need anymore because she bought a few other bags... pictures of the Marilyn are attached... the ladies over there in the Authenticate LV said that it looks good. And the colors really do look great on it, the intensity of the MC looks really good. She's going to send me a few more pics tonight.

  14. Geeez! I'm not into LV, but that is a GORGEOUS bag:drool:!!!