Does anyone know her name?

  1. I just got this email from LV and I think I'm in love! :heart: Does anyone have details?
  2. it's brand new from the Spring Summer collection very little info at the minute but keep an eye on the summary threads in the reference section you can find the links in my sig below
  3. is it one of the Richard Prince collaborations??
  4. Wow! Thanks Label Addict, fantastic link!
    Any idea of a spring release date?
  5. Not as yet thing's will start around Feb and there'll be something each month but there's not much info about at the minute
  6. Beautiful

    Label, thanks for the link
  7. No problem this is my 3rd season organising the summaries I love those threads but they do move fast once the info starts pouring in so keep checking in on them, you can subscribe by going to the top of th page on the thread and click thread tools it'll tell you when there is updates