does anyone know chanel has any Valentine's day special edition bag?

  1. does anyone know chanel has any Valentine's day special edition bag this year? thx
  2. Judy (jmen) has informed us that the special vday edition this year is the metallic symbols (maybe the clutch?)
  3. That's what the person said at the 1-800 Chanel line. Personally, I don't see what the metallic symbols has to do with Valentines Day. (Sometimes I take what they say with a grain of salt -- picture tossing that grain over my shoulder into the dirt. I might make stuff up too just for ha, ha, if I had that job. There are some days the devil sneaks out to play.)
  4. I did came across a pfer also posted a thread regardin this, i think she said it's accessories but never heard abt if they are goin to come up with a V-bag.
  5. I know they are releasing some earrings with hearts.. It looked like a big heart with the double ccs inside them? It's a bit hard to explain but they looked a bit valentine-y. I wish they would bring back the GOOD stuff :biggrin:.. can anyone say valentine-heart chain flap?
  6. I wondered if it's the bag I saw in Feb issue of InStyle, as it was a metallic symbols bag featured on the magazine's Valentine's Day gift idea spread. Below is the pic I stole from reference thread.


    But after speaking to a rep on 800 # as mentioned in the magazine, it just doesn't seem right. Chanel boutiques would not have this bag! (Although he said something about checking department stores)
  7. They mentioned the gold, silver and perhaps red so I figured that's what's I saw in the boutiques. It doesn't scream valentine to me. The Nordies lookbook had earrings with hearts with little cc's in them. I think it's called the Peace Collection, but there was nada claiming tribute to Valentine's Day.

    Yes, something akin to the heart chain would have been SOOOO appropriate and a big seller had they produced it. I guess they're banking of the metallics being the big hit for this year.