Does anyone know anyting about this Chain Stitch Tote?

  1. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this Chanel tote. It has chain stitching on it and the chain on the lambskin & chain straps have etching on them that enlarged looks like quilting.
  2. And if I proofread my post, I would have typed 'anything' not anyting. Sorry.
  3. I have no idea, but the chain stitches and straps look great. Hope someone can help you out.
  4. Hi Youngbrands, I saw this bag in a light blue color at NM PA a couple months ago, it was on sale and my SA said it was from a prior season. You can call ur local NM and send the pics to an SA and see if they recognize it. I'm sorry I dont have anymore info. Good Luck.
  5. Its cute!
  6. Thanks everyone. I never saw it before so I just thought I would check. It's nice but too wide to carry on the shoulder.
  7. Sorry I do not know but it's a very nice bag.
  8. I have the evening bag version (Sac Pochette) that I got last year. I don't know how much the bag in your pic cost, but my pochette was $950.
  9. I had this bag in October 2005. I ended up returning it because it didn't look and feel right on the shoulder. It was a very pretty blue, though.