Does anyone here take out there own extensions

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  1. I have the Cinderella bonds in I was thinking of taking them out myself. has anyone done them here and how did you get on ??:confused1:
  2. I've taken my own out. Saved me a couple hundred bucks! I had Great Lengths. Are they the same type of bonding as yours?
  3. I'm not familiar with the Cinderella extensions, so I'd have to ask what they use to fix them to your hair. I once took out my rommate's extensions, which were glued in with something that looked like greyish goo and it was hell!
  4. I'm not familiar with the line you have in, but it will probably depend on how and what kind of bond they have. If they're in with a protein keratin bond, you may be able to take them out at home, but it could be painful and damaging to your hair!
  5. I took them out last night took me an hour and I have to say it was fairly easy:yahoo::yahoo: oing to let my hair rest for a bit before I get them in again
  6. The first time I took my hair extensions out it was so easy then next time I took them out it was hell and I was miserable and hating it and I wanted to quit halfway through. I had Great Lengths and 6 bundles of it in my hair! Glad it wasn't a bad experience for you.
  7. god I was hoping to god half way the rest of my head wouldnt end up harder to do but I was ok. 6 bundles wow thats a lot:wtf::smile:
  8. Yes I know. I have super thick hair but I wanted a major change a bit back after I broke up with my boyfriend and I didn't want to dye my hair so extensions it was.
  9. I just read online that they can be taken out using acetone. I am talking about ones put in using fusion. I am going to try it. I got mine only a week ago, but after I washed my hair it just looks like crap.
  10. I took out my hair dreams with acetone from sallys and I took out another kind with alcohol. It just depends on what kind you have in. I cut my hair all shoulder length and did pieces randomly all over my head so I could work while taking them out and not look funny. I did it in about 3 days because I had about 250 bonds in and it took forever. Try the sew in extensions much easier. Just cut the strings and unbraid your hair. No damage to my hair unlike the fusion.

  11. If you haven't had them in very long they will be harder to get out. I had Great Lengths and I took them out myself because I think it's ridiculous that after I spent $1,000 to get them put in, she was charging $100 per hour to take them out.

    I wouldn't put acetone on my hair. I used Ever Clear Vodka. Smelled horrible, but worked. I bought a small plastic bottle with a spout type of lid on it and transferred the alcohol to that. I soaked a few extensions at a time then one by one I used needle nose pliers to break the bond. Put a bit more alcohol on the extension you are working on removing, hold your hair close to your head and tug on the bottom of the extension. Should slide right out. PM me if you need more help.
  12. some only work with acetone and some work with alcohol depends on the type.
  13. Cinderella have their own bond remover and clamp pliers for removal, Im horrified to see some of you have taken your own hair extensions out......but hey if it worked for you and didnt damage your hair then Im really pleased for you but surprised. I do understand how expensive it can be though :o(
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