Does Anyone here Play THE SIMS 2?

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  1. I am an addict of the game and have all the expansions so far! Anyone here shares the same fanaticism? :P
  2. omg! what is it? please tell me. I wanna be up on all the new stuff.
  3. I love the Sims I have all of the expansion packs for both the original Sims and Sims 2.
  4. I used to be OBSESSED with The Sims, oh my god. I've wasted sooooo many hours, haha... my roommate and I both would sit there and just play forever on our laptops. Then I had a heart attack one day when my computer shut off because the power cord slipped and I didn't notice... ALL MY HARD WORK WAS GONE!! I didn't play for a month after that, haha.
  5. I'm am overly into the sims. I find myself on the forum sites when a new expansion pack is about to come out. I've created a neighborhood from scratch that I have been steadily growing for the past year. It's the only game I'm into...I guess that's because I play it so much.
  6. Thank you. Imma chek it out!
  7. Is this the one where you buy the cd but then pay monthly for it? Or am I confused? lol
  8. Before finding this forum I used to play Sims until 2:00 am. I was so obsessed with it. It's a fun game :biggrin:
  9. :biggrin: I know what you mean! I've played thru 10 Generations for a family and the interactions are waaay funny!

    Anyone here tried the 10 ways to kill off your Sims? :P
  10. I used to play allllll the time, but I'd never make it through a whole generation....oh man now I have an urge to play:shame: , where is that darn CD?:P
  11. i am on a Sims2 ban. i would spend hours on my computer and decided i needed a break. =) maybe it's time to take out the cd again though!
  12. I love the sims 2 :biggrin: Im very much addicted and have all the expansions. i'ts a shame they don't have bags in it- Maybe in the expansion??? :biggrin: I have to send a suggestion to them :biggrin:
  13. I have all the cheat codes too :biggrin: I'ts so fun :biggrin:. I'll probably start playing it now, hhmh
  14. I used to be addicted to the original Sims and I had all the expansions. I bought Sims2 but I didnt like it that much so I gave it to a friend. I dont play Sims1 much now either, but its good for if I'm really bored, I'm just trying not to get hooked on it again!