Does anyone here have this bag that I want to purchase?

  1. Hi Gucci lovers,

    I am thinking of purchasing this tote bag:

    I have done searches on this bag here, but I have found no result... I was wondering if any of you have purchased this bag before and also what are your opinions of this bag... Please also mention the pro's and con's of the bag, be honest!

  2. anyone???
  3. i don't have this bag, but i really like it! it reminds me of LV's sac plat, but less expensive. :smile:
  4. Would''ve thought if u can see it in the online store u would be able to purchase from any gucci store. Normally if u ask them, they can track it down for you and have it sent to their store. I had that done when wanting the soho wallet :smile:
  5. also its shoulder carry and has a zippered top... :heart: it and the price yes its almost half the price of a sac plat... another + thanks for your imput!