does anyone here have any knowledge on Propane BBQ GRILL?!?!

  1. Help!!

    I need to get a anni gift by tuesday...and I still dont know which one to pick....anyone ...someone help...I want it to stay under 500cdn. He wants something in it to be cast iron...but i wasn't listening so I dont know what it is..... Can anyone here recomend anything?!?!? thanks!!
  2. I dont think they have it in Canada!!:cry:
  3. Oh gosh, I think they should! Lemme see if I can find info for you!
  4. Where in Canada are you ?
  5. vancouver
  6. Ok, the place I would go is COSTCO near Van. I would also try Home Depot, I know there is one in Langley but there may be one closer to Van.
  7. Oh i never thought of that....I will for sure to go check it out tommorow!!! thanks R:huh:!! you know anything about anything cast iron!?!?
  8. Do they have WalMart in Canada? I got a great Brinkman propane barbeque which has enameled cast iron grills, 45,000 BTU, plus a side burner for $198. I bought one of these for my husband's b-day last year and my son (who loves to bbq) used it nearly every day. This has been a fantastic grill so we just bought this year's model for my son's new apartment.
  9. The Weber we own has a cast iron grill inside it. It weighs a ton. If all else fails, you could also drive to Bellingham and buy the Weber and take it back across in your trunk. (Do you have a Nexus card? That will make the crossing easier..) There's a Walmart in Bellingham and they probably sell them. You could call first to make sure.