Does anyone have violet color medium veneta?

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  1. I have to say I am really impressed by BV's service. I called customer service to see if they have any purple medium Veneta in the US ( since I heard BV store in Taiwan sold couple purple ones)and Ana(personal shopper for BV)was very helpful. She told me none of BV stores in US carry purple Veneta ( which also encourage me to look into it!)She told me she can check out with Italy and she did! She found one in violet color but not sure if it is the kind of purple I am looking for. So if any of you luckiest one in the world owns a violet Veneta, please post the photo and so I can decide whether to get it or not. (even I think I still get it anyways, LOL)
  2. I have one and I purchased it from the BV store in NYC. But I purchased it last season so I'm sure they don't have it anymore.
  3. Wow, this is gorgeous. Thank you miklet!
  4. WOW! It's gorgeous, congrats Miklet. =)
  5. Let us know what you decide. =)
  6. drooooollll ! :drool:
  7. Nice deep color!
  8. Gorgeous!! Last Thanksgiving weekend in the Chicago store I saw a medium violet Veneta, but they just had one. Once I was looking for a particular color wallet and Ana found it for me when supposedly it was sold out. Good luck!
  9. Beautiful bag miklet - but I have to know what the deal is with your avatar - is that your dog? Where did you find that photo? It's the cutest puppy ever! (next to mine that is)
  10. i saw that color IRL at our local BV store, i fell in love with it. unfortunately, DH didn't want it for me :sad: he bought it a Muse instead (good enough hehe)
  11. oooh :drool:
  12. OMGosh!!

    I've never seen such a dark deep violet BV bag! That's just TDF! Congrats on ya beauty, miklet!!
  13. That's such a rich, dark gorgeous purple. Beautiful!
  14. DH just called Ana and I am getting the dark purple VENETA!:yahoo: Ana told me it's a brand new bag and it's going to take her 2 weeks to get it. I will post a photo when I get my little cutie~~
  15. OMG, super congrats!! That is a really beautiful color!