does anyone have this style?

  1. no one?
  2. it's slow here this time of day, people are working:yes
    I don't have it, but I like that!
  3. i'm working too. LOL. it was just that like 30 people looked at it but no comments. thats all i meant

    it's cute right?
  4. I don't have one. I don't know what it retails for. :shrugs: Looks nice though.
  5. yeah, it's really cute! :biggrin:
  6. it's cute, go for it
  7. seems like it holds a lot although I can't speak from experience. For that price, why not?
  8. very cute, I like it. I'm really scared of lambskin though LOL.
  9. I don't have it, but I think it's cute. =)
  10. That's so funny. I was just looking at the bag today from Personalshoppers. Know nothing about it though!

    IMO lambskin is delicate!

    Good luck!
  11. thanks everyone. i'm actually going to get another bag instead that an angel found for me. someone should get this though. love it!
  12. Tell us more about this other bag :graucho:
  13. as soon as i get it. hopefully this weekend. maybe monday. :smile: