Does anyone have this HH? I want it.

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  1. 0o0o0o thats a nice clutch!!!
  2. I don't have it but it sure is nice!
  3. Cute, I like the tassel.
  4. Also comes in Bronze and Chocolate - I'm ordering tonight - I'm thinking the black or bronze.
  5. OH! i think i am going to order that too! lol if you dont mind of course...i really like the black and i need a new clutch...well i use the word need freely lol
  6. Please do! I think this is the best looking clutch I've seen (comes with a chain and compartments for cell phone et al. - It's $238.00 on the Hayden Harnett website.
  7. It's very cool looking...too cool for me. Hehe. Show us pics when you get it!
  8. Very Nice! Thanks for posting. I'll have to go look at that myself since I could use a clutch bag. Exceptional price too!
  9. I love the look of thier bags, let us know what you think when you get it.