Does anyone have this bag?

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  1. Welcome to Gucci forum pamm

    The Nice has just been released only days ago, I think you will find there are other colours available, just not on-line ATM.

    If the Nice does OK, Gucci will release it again in some other colours for the following seasons.

    Gucci's leather is second to none, you will have nothing to worry about on that score ;)
  2. They might release it black cuz black is obviously a classic color. Gucci leather is durable but can get scratch cause any leather can get scratched.:smile:
  3. The only thing I found strange on this bag were strap holes had numbers and that bothered me. Otherwise it is a gorgeous bag..
  4. Thanks for the welcome and the information! I think I will swing by Gucci this week and see if they have it in other colors. I would love it in the chocolate brown. Here is another question: I know that Gucci usually has a sale around the fall. Any chance this bag would be included? Since it is new, I would lean not. I missed out on a bag last season (I believe the name was the Mayfair) because I waited for the sale and then, poof, it was gone and I haven't been able to locate it since!
  5. No, this bag won't even be available until around the time of the (discount) sale.

    Sorry about your experience with the Mayfair, great bag, that's obviously the challenge with waiting for sales. Good, popular items go in minutes.