Does anyone have this bag?Mini Signature & Leather Framed Satchel

  1. I can't see your picture....
  2. Sorry about that...I got so excited to post about this bag...Here's some pictures...I also added a link to my original post...
    45fb_1_sbl.jpg 4a71_1_sbl.jpg 4842_1_sbl.jpg 4965_1_sbl.jpg
  3. wow...from the front view, I did not think that it had that much looks like it would hold a lot. What are the measurements?
  4. Wow, I've never seen that but I LOVE it!
  5. Length 9", Height 7", Depth 4 1/2"

    At least that is what the auction is stating...It's a cute little purse. Not that I dress up much. But this is the bag that would encourage me to do so!:love:
  6. anything to get dressed up & look pretty! its cute.. maybe the bow thing can be taken off?? if its just attached with a thread or two, do a little alterin'

  7. I know...I am waiting for my other Coach bag to get here. (Small All Leather Flap Bleecker) But...darn it if I don't want this as well...:drool:...Like...I could be persuaded to dress up if I had that little number...:love: I am gonna have to get it...And just bite the bullet. And deal with hubby...:boxing:

    It looks like a small leather loop is holding it in place...I thought about removing the bow...And hanging the hangtag there...:confused1: But does one really wish to alter a Coach?:sad:
  8. When I supersized the photo on my computer program...The bow looks to be stitched in the seam where the seam runs along the top of the bag...I really love this bag...I don't know if I could remove the bow...And alter the bag though...:sad:...I want it...But that darn bow is holding me back...I need your guys help with my decission...Do I still get it or not? I think it's definately original...I actually love the depth of the bag...And the fact the belt wraps around it...And the contrast of the sig. fabric and the belt...:love: But darn it...That bow:cursing: I don't know what to do...
  9. I have it in purple... its Purple & White Optic Framed Handbag 3582. Its very hard to find, occasionally it pops up on eBay...

    But! Its so small that i was disappointed. I only use it for weddings and the occasion night out when it matches my outfit. I'm half tempted to relist it on eBay... It barely holds a check book and it is definatly not for everyday use. All i put in there are my cards, keys and phone..

    Mine does not have a bow... I cant seem to find a pic of it at the moment, i'll post it later today if I get the chance...
  10. THANK YOU!:flowers:...The photo makes it seem larger than the size they describe. Like it's still small but suprisingly spacious. Hearing from someone whom owns a simular version...(Different color) Helped me...I would hate to cut off the bow and alter it...And if it's as small as you say...Then I think I'll pass...It is a very adorable handbag...But...I thought it would have more space than you described...I would hate to be disappointed in it once it arrived. Again...Thank you for your honest "personal use" of this bag and your thoughts...But with less space than I thought it would have...And the bow thing...That's 2 strikes against it...And so...I'll be passing on that beautiful little number...:crybaby:...But in the long run...Better to be disappointed in the bag overall...Than getting it and having spent the money on it. Thanks again~:flowers:
  11. You're welcome!

    It was my first coach and I was totally bummed, I bought it off ebay.... its so cute, but I'm having a hard time letting it go..

    It's so small- it looks silly to take out during the day. To even get a wallet or a check book inside of it, you have to cram it in there diagonally.

    To compare how long it is, take a 16 oz Monster or Rockstar can and lay it on its side... Thats just about how long it is... :crybaby:
  12. That is so cute! I really want one now!
  13. Hey scarlettemper...You mentioned your framed bag was purple...Did you see this post? Think their looking for the bag you contemplated selling on Ebay?

    I don't think we're allowed to sell bags on the forum...But the post made me wonder...:confused1:
  14. aw, that stinks that you decided against it...

    here's to COACH making your dream bag!!! (i LOVE the soho line too! i could drool over the u buckles alll day!)