Does anyone have this bag? (Coach Scribble)

  1. If so, do you like it? Do you think this bag is a flash in the pan or can I get a few summers out of it?

  2. I don't have it, but i like it....and yes, IMO, i think it could go on for a few's a classic shape, has really pretty colours that will go with most things and is just perfect for this sunny weather.:smile:
  3. I dont have it but I just saw a girl yesterday walking around with this scribble pattern on the hobo and it was adorable! I definitely think you could get a few summers out of it.
  4. ebr next summer they will have another scribble line, most likely, so unless it's an amazing deal, i would wait
  5. I am not a big fan of the fabric that is used on this bag. I think it is a great bag for the summer though!
  6. I don't have that shape, but I have the mini scribble, the cosmetic bag, but I use it as my mini purse when I don't feel like carrying my usual huge purses around hehe (:

    It's a great bag for summer! I love the colors, I agree with LISAG, the fabric isn't that great, it gets dirty easily but it's easy to match with especially this time of year (:
  7. They are great summer colors, i dont have this bag, but i also might get it this summer. What made you like that one over the other solid colors and othe C colors? I cant decide....
  8. It is really a sweet bag and you can use it year after year for many years.

    One thing you have to need to buy what you really love. There will be another bag and another what? Design houses will constantly make new ones to get you to purchase. Who cares? Buy what you love and continue to use it every year as long as it makes you happy. Yes, this bag may go on sale, but they almost always will. That is how it is.

    Just some only what you really love and don't worry. Walk with confidence with your bag...who cares how old it is? I have bags that are really old and actually, they get the most praise.

    Have fun...enjoy the bag...don't worry about everyone else.
  9. I own this in the beige. I have used it for a month, its even sat on softball fields (clay can be bad). I did lightly wash the bottom and it looks brand new. I give it 2-3 years.
  10. This is awesome advice!! :love: :heart:

  11. I am just not a white bag girl-so, I am not feeling it for this.
  12. I own this bag and I love it, it goes with everything and it carries all my books so I can lug everything comfortably around campus. I know I'll wear it summer after summer, the shape is great and the material is easy to clean.
  13. I have the wristlet and mini skinny in thid fabric and I Love it although it got dirty really quickly. It's twill and it appears to be a dirt magnetic. I just throw it in the washer though and it's good as new again. I think you can def get a few summers out of it but if you wait a few more weeks it'll be cheaper :smile:
  14. I definetely like the colors on this years Scribble vs last year. This bag is soft pastels very cute vs last years, the Scibble was turquoise & had brighter colors a little too young for me.
  15. By the picture I'm assuming that you are talking about the bigger tote. Just to let you know has the smaller tote for $194.99 plus s/h.