Does anyone have the ursula?

  1. I'm thinking on buying this bag but wanted to hear from all you guys who own one. Is it heavy, big, or a pain to carry or will I love it to death. Please give your opinions, I really want to get something from the MC line.
  2. i don't yet have this bag, but really really want it. I tried on in store, its a tad bit heavy, not really a great bag for all day use. I would use it for short periods 2-4 hours.
  3. I do not own this bag but I want it SO badly.

    I too tried it on at the store and I just fell more in love with it.

    The Ursula is the bag I am saving up for right now.

    I would have to say the only CON about it is that .... it was pretty heavy when I tried it on and it had nothing in it!

    Therefore, it will probably be even heavier with stuff inside ...... but thats not stopping me from buying it. :biggrin:
  4. anyone else have any experience with carrying the ursula?
  5. hi! i have the white ursula. yes its a bit heavy- BUT- not as heavy as the mc speedy, AND the straps fit over your shoulder so u can be handsfree! i love this bag an its quite big! I LVOE IT!!!!!!
  6. I think the bag is amazing! I don't have one lol but its worth every penny I hear!!!
  7. I have it and I LOVE it. My only MC piece (besides the heart). I don't think it is heavy. I am rather petite, but I often carry large bags and fill them to the top. There is a lot of hardware that makes it bulky, but not heavy in my opinion.
  8. I used to have one........ and so long as it can fit under your shoulder it shouldn't be a prob if you fill it to the top. It's only if you carry it in the crook of your arm that it gets too heavy and cumbersome... it's a definite head turner!
  9. I just fell for this bag too! LOVE it. I liked it more than the Rita. I'm saving up for it too!
  10. I HAD the Ursula but had to return it. I fell in love with the bag when I first saw it and got it immediately. However, I just found it too be too bulky. The width of the bag is about 7 inches and if you wear it on shoulder, it feels like there's a big wedge between your arm and body. It almost looked comical to me how my arm seemed like it was two-foot away from my body because of the size of the bag. The push-lock closure got annoying too. If you ever want to reach into your bag, you really have to place it in front of you so you can access the closure properly. It was also heavy even without anything inside. I'm really sad that I couldn't wear the bag comfortably because I thought it was the prettiest MC I've seen since the Theda. I wish they would make it in a smaller size, like a PM version. But, yes, it was definitely a "wow" bag.