Does anyone have the (regular) batignolles? Have you any pics??

  1. I think my next sweetie will be a batignolles.
    I would like to know some experiences and see some pics if anyone has got that purse??

    I´m quite new user, so if I can see somewhere already pics, can someone tell me how and where?

  2. welcome to TPF! i think the regular batignolles is pretty small, im not sure though!
    i dont have any pics. sorry...
  3. Karman and Sophia have it
  4. -Evian Water Bottle
    -Digital Camera
    -Monkey Pencil Case
    -Chanel Sunglasses
    -Gucci Glasses
    -Book (Catcher in the Rye)



    i dug these photos up.......I hope Sophia dosent mind :shame:
  5. yes. i like the batignolles
  6. I really like the regular! It is pretty roomy for a smaller bag!
  7. if you go into the visuals thread you can see a pic of Karman modeling it, it's lovely on her.
  8. hi, this bag is a tad small, i would go with the horizontal
  9. i am gonna try this one on this week ;o) i think it is too cute! plus after the price drop...even more attractive ;o)