does anyone have the MJ irina?

  1. does anyone have the irina? i can't seem to find it anywhere. its kinda simple but i'm in looove with it. any thoughts?
  2. i think someone just posted pics of some irinas at a Nordies rack in the 'post mj sale sightings' section...
  3. I don't have it but I did see someone the other day with one. It looked like a great size for her and she was more petite. It's not my style but if you can find it at a great price at one of the Nordstrom Racks, go for it. It sounds like you really love it!
  4. Saw several at off Saks desert hills outlet store.
  5. You can go Nordstorm, others people saw many sales item on there..check the on sale discussion board.
    I saw few of them in brown colors at off sakes..go check them too.
    The price is around 400-450..good price..
  6. im bumping this, as i just bought one of these bags from eBay and would LOVE to see some modeling pics of it on somebody while i wait for my bag to arrive.
  7. Did you get a satchel or the hobo?