Does anyone have severe addiction as I do?

  1. I guess I need help!!! I can never have enough hermes(especially Birkins)!!! I start thinking that it might be some kind of mental illness or something....:sad2: :sad2: :sad2: I don't know how to stop this hermes addiciton. I call hermes everyday, and try to go to store whenever I can. I check this forum every moments I can. I don't know how I build this habit! Is it normal? I bought another Hermes bag today, and start thinking what I should get next. I drive me nuts I cannot stop myself!!! Would you please share your addiciton (if any of you have addiction) to Hermes bags or any bags? I am so sad...:cry: :cry:
  2. Oh sweetie- you are not alone! This forum is loaded with addicts! We are all completely hooked on this blog! And I am totally addicted to the thought of getting my first birkin! No need to feel sad, just celebrate what you already have! And feel free to share with us!!! This way, us other addicts can live vicariously through you until our birkins come in!

    BTW- what did you buy today??? Do share:nuts:
  3. Thanks jag! You are so sweet... Thank you for your support...
  4. I have yet to know anyone who can just stop with one orange box :P Hermes is VERY addictive!!!!!!
  5. The only thing that is stopping me is money, or lack of it.
  6. LOL! Aspen, you're right. We have been "diseased". You have officially contracted the "Hermes Lust". Every visit to the store & making a purchase is like getting a booster jab! :lol:

    As for the CURE, it is usually a croc/ostrich Birkin or Kelly...depending on the "patient"! :smile:
  7. I do...!!! I dreamt about buying a birkin last night.. LOL..

    That's how bad it is!
  8. You guys are so funny!^^
  9. Hello,

    My name is xquisite and I am an Hermes addict.... :shame:
    I admit to oftentimes spending hours thinking about bags etc at night when I can't sleep....I have also wondered lately if perhaps this obsession is getting a little out of hand. I can't really explain the spell that Hermes has cast on me, but it's very much like lust. :unsure:

    I don't suppose we'll be formulating a 12 step program here, seeing I'm also addicted to the PF.:lol:
  10. I feel I'm one of the worst addicts on this Board actually; first because my addiction started a very long time ago (say about 25 yrs! some of you weren't even born, or only just...:sad2:smile: second, besides a few years where I had focused on other bags, my addiction gets worst as time goes by and I think it has reached it's pinnacle since I joined this PF..:blink: Just to proove my point, this is what I have so far collected:

    These I have:

    3 Birkins
    2 Kellys
    1 Bolide
    1 Plume
    1 Masai (arrived yesterday)

    These I have sold:

    1 Evelyne
    1 Tzako
    1 Bolide
    1 Kelly

    These I am waiting for:

    1 croc Pullman (should arrive any day)
    1 Ebene Clemence 35 Birkin (next autumn)
    1 box choco souple Kelly (next autumn)
    1 Thalassa blue Birkin or HAC ( when they find one..)

    So you see how bad this is ?!? :lol: and who knows what other "must haves" are round the corner...:wondering

  11. Hello, I am shoes319 and I am addicted - I have to admit, my addiction has become much worse since joining tPF! However, I'm happy!!! Duna, that is one fine collection and waitlist!! Aspen, what is the purchase???!!!
  12. I do too! We are going on a vacation to Hawaii tomorrow (of course, haven't packed a thing) and all I can think of is where are the Hermes duty free stores and which scarves will be available for duty free purchase on the airplane! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  13. Aspen, you are not alone, trust me! :amuse: I am seriously diseased by Hermes. I've never posted pictures but I have a TON, literally A TON of goodies form Hermes (Gigi can testify!). Actually, the entire three generations of my family are completely hooked on Hermes!! My grandmother has been a collector since she was in her early 20's and it looks like all the ladies in my family are going non-stop!

    And Gigi, I am probably a very "bad patient" bc the croc/ostrich birkin doesn't work on me either! I just want more and more in all different colors! :wacko: :blink: :shame:
  14. I just found this forum this week. I have been reading the Hermes entries. You all have made me an addict in a week!!!! My sister's husband will place the first order for us today. I had her read it as well (not a member yet) she loves it. We have always loved bags, but we love how excited you all are.

    I AM A NEW ADDICT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I am also a Hermes addict. In the beginning, I thought I just wanted ONE Birkin or ONE Kelly! I was wrong! I'm still waiting for my Birkin, but on the mean time, I have bought 3 other bags (Kelly, Paris-Bombay, and Bolide ... and several other accessories). It's also not going to stop when I get the Birkin. I also want another one, and another, and another! In addition, there are also the accessories which I truly adore! I have also sold a lot of my other bags to finance my new Hermes addiction.

    I do have a short-term cure:
    1) Sometimes there are no bags available that suit me (color, size, style)
    2) Me and my husband are saving up for a house/flat so I just can't buy all bags that I see

    My dream will be a 28cm/25cm rouge VIF croc Kelly. Before I get that, first I need a house!