Does anyone have pics of them wearing the Sweet Monogram Necklace??

  1. thanks in advance...i just found out im getting one. its not something i would have picked out and i just wanna see what it looks like on. i thought i saw a pic of paris wearing it but i cant find it now. and there was no club for it so....thanks in advance!
  2. That one is from 2005 s/s
  3. no but close...i think shes wearing a simmilar outfit
  4. I have the earrings, congrats on getting the necklace-it's adorable!!
  5. anybody else?? does anyone know which paris pic im talking about. its the one where someone paris actually looks decent here.
  6. I don't recall ever seeing a photo of Paris with this necklace...I've only seen her with the Fraise necklace, which is in the photo posted by blew415. Hopefully someone else can find what you're talking about :smile:
  7. ohhh, its so cute!!