Does anyone have photos w/ the mini classique?

  1. Trying to decide if it's for me or not. any pics would really help. Thanks:yes:
  2. HI!
    I just bought this one recently....First I thought it would be too small but it really isnt for a going out bag!!! IM IN L:heart:VE

  3. ^^^ You look hot! Awesome pic and gorgeous color Mini!
  4. It looks great on you!
  5. Wow!! I like the color of the bag.
  6. that the 04 or 05 Marigold?? I saw one on Ebay about a month ago and almost bought is very pretty on you. I love the color.
  7. Ooooh thanks girls..u make me blush!:shame:
    its a 05 marigold that I bought off ebay a few weeks ago...its in perfect condition and I am absolutely in loohove with the colour..

  8. oula- your yellow mini looks soooo great with your shoes! so pretty!

    My friend has one in eggplant and it is TDF!...i want one now too! :love: