Does anyone have experience w/ Shane CO?

  1. A new store opened up in my area and I'd like to hear everyone's opinons on the store. My SO and I visited this past weekend and we were pleasantly surprised (we're looking for e-rings). Before going to Shane's we've been to Jarods and Bailey Banks and I was pleasantly surprised at the number of larger diamonds (2.0+) that Shane had in their store.

    What do you ladies think?
  2. i've only been to shane co. a few times. i thought their selection was nice, and their prices were fair, but couldn't stand the sales people! even though they aren't comission, they sure employeed high pressure tactics. i've haven't stopped into one of their stores in a few years. maybe it was just that store tho...
  3. I don't think we have that store in this area. Never heard of it, but I always love to browse in jewelry stores.
  4. Hubby and I bought my first (and so loved but stolen) wedding ring there. I loved them and wished they were closer to our house (it was at least an hour drive for us).

    They have free cleaning (dipping and treatment for platinum and white gold) and their sales people were super nice to us. As were the rest of their staff every time we visited.

    And I felt that their prices were fair especially compared to places at the mall. They do a lot of work in house (they eve had a place where we could watch them wokr) which I appreciate.

    The one nearest us doesn't have a huge selection but I found the perfect ring that I loved (for the 5 years I had it!). I think you'd do well with them, but I know not everyone agrees with that.

    Now that I need to get yet another ring (the second one got stolen too!!!) I think we'll end up going back to ShaneCo or Tiffany's. ROFL Big difference I know but I think we're going to shop around more than we did the first time.

    Good luck!
  5. Thanks for the responses! I really enjoyed my experience there too. Although I'm not th eone purchasing so my SO might say differently but I felt like there was no pressure at all. Of course they did the pitch "Shane Co is different and better because..." but overall I didn't feel hounded.

    However, my SO was concerned that Shane does their own certifications... he seemed to think thats why the prices were so good bcs their measurements for the 3Cs are broader (ie a VS2 at Shane maybe a IS1 at other stores). Does that make sense? I thought a lot of jewlery stores do this like Tiffanys.
  6. The one time I went into Shane Co. I was very disappointed in their customer service (or lack thereof)!
  7. They are ok I guess. I was WAY underwhelmed with their diamonds and the prices were ridiculous. The settings I saw that were simple were nice.

    If you buy a stone elsewhere (say from you can have it set at Shane in one of their settings and I think their "warranty" is honored on the setting maintenance.
  8. From what Ive read about this company, the experience can be great or rotten depending on the sales assistent....same as T. too I guess, or any shop for that matter.

    As long as you have some knowledge about diamonds beforehand, you should do alright there. But knowledge is the key. This would apply accross the board for buying anything.

    Where they do set themselves apart in a huge way is there customer after sales service. I was very impressed to hear that they give the buyer 30 (or 60???) days to completely change their mind and get a full refund....not just credit!!!! Thats a pretty strong guarantee in your being satisfied!!!! Plus their upgrade policy is for the full amount of your purchase for the life of the business. And you do not have to spend double or anything like that, even one dollar more, I believe for loose stones.

    You can get the diamonds graded by independent labs. but it is out of pocket to you. I believe their special range of premier diamonds are very nice going by buyers at pricescope who seem to know their diamonds!!!!