Does anyone have an epi bag in White?

  1. I love my black epi speedy. I have a red passy and am now thinking about one in White.
    I thought it might be nice for winter and summer. How hard is it to keep clean...
  2. I just looked at the Epi Madeleine Tote in Ivoire yesterday. The SA said you just wipe it clean, no hassle. But then she showed me the Bourget in black and said, "This is more practical in terms of keeping it clean". :confused1:

    So I don't know! It's a gorgeous color though!
  3. i HAVE THE BOWLING MONTAIGNE PM IN IVORY and its a wonderful bag-no problems keeping it clean-just wipe with baby wipe. 've had it since last march and I don't use everyday, but I think it could take the wear, love EPI LEATHER!
    I love ivory in the winter, it looks classy with all the black I wear.
    The passy is nice but I'm looking at the new tote and its very nice!:tup:
  4. No, but i want one. I don't have any epi bags, but i'm sure it's like most LV easy to take care of and wipe clean
  5. I had a ivoire alma in epi and it was no problem at all. Just wipe it clean.
  6. I think the epi leather is really remarkable. I love the texture and it is so easy to keep clean! Go for it!