Does anyone have a.....

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  1. anyone have a poppy large patent wristlet? specifically in this purple? wondering if anyone who has it would post some real life pics, to see how the color varigates... also how much does that bad boy hold? it might just become my vday present....:P

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  2. I love this wristlet...The color is Gorgeous..But I'am wondering if the Poppy Hobo's would be helpful, there are a couple of reveals of those....I'd like to get the small wristlet or a wallet in this color!I know I wasn't much help....:P
  3. I dont have the wristlet in that color, but I have it in black patent, and its a great size. I'll be using it for my Valentine's Day present too, along with my Glam Tote. It will definitely fit alot more than just my cosmetics, which is what I usually use my wrislets for.
  4. is it about the same size as a capacity wristlet? hold about the same? I really like that color cuz it is really unique!