Does Anyone Have a Speedy 40 B?

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  1. I like the the Speedy 40; a shoulder strap would make it so versatile. But does it look 'funny' scrunched with a shoulder strap. If you KWIM really saggy? I don't mind saggy Speedys I have just never seen a 40. Any pics would be useful. Thanks!
  2. My mom has a speedy 40 b and she's a small lady. It's very saggy when worn shoulder way but she likes it that way. My opinion is that it looks like luggage but that's just me lol
  3. Love my 40 b...slouchy but looks good that me if it's stuffed full it looks more like luggage...
  4. I have a 40b, love it. I dont think it looks like luggage at all.
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  5. Thanks for the input, folks!
  6. Well I ordered one. Hopefully I'll like it. I think I will. I like big bags
  7. Congrats I hope you love it like we do!...will be waiting for the reveal