Does anyone have a Sac Chien (and the little dog too)?

  1. I keep seeing Jessica Simpson (in Star mag) with her Sac Chien, she carries that thing everywhere it seems. Me and DH were at the pet store saw the cutest maltese ever about 8 weeks old. He was $699. Hubby knows I want a little dog soo bad. I told him (joking) I had to get the LV Sac Chien first. He said your crazy the bag costs twice as the dog your carrying it in. I said I have to try the dog inside the bag LOL I was making him furious. Of course I wouldn't do that. I would carry the dog in anything until I get the Sac Chien. Should I save for the bag or the dog. LOL Anyone have pics of there dog with the Sac Chien ? I want to show him to make him more mad. I thought it was so funny. We didn't get the dog that day, gotta finish up my house first doing some work on the back yard.
  2. All I know is please don't buy a dog from a pet store. Research the breeds and find a reputible breeder first. It will save alot of grief and expense by getting a healthy, well-bred dog from a breeder and not a puppy mill. Even if a pet store dog is physically healthy, there may be temperment problems.
  3. Oh I know I get what your saying, we just go in there to look. I've yet to get a pet out of a store. I normally go to the shelter.
  4. Hope it didn't sound preachy, but I know some people who were out thousands on vet bills, as well as heartache. I have a Golden Retriever, so no Sac Chien for him!
  5. I have a Yorkie but no Sac Chien...I rather then vintage Sac Chien and am trying to find one for him. The newer model are very bulky and seem to be more for travelling than everyday pet purse.
  6. I agree they are really bulky and feel more like luggage, also it is pretty heavy on its own.:yes:
  7. I have a shih tzu, no Sac chein yet for me but would :love: one. I carry my puppy around in my Mc speedy and he just sits there, It wouldnt work for a day out though. I think the Sac would be nice for when i go to my b/f's for the weekend I wouldnt need to bring his crate as he could just sleep in that.

    How cute is this

    I agree with your hubby aboutthe Sac being 2zx the cost of the dog. I recall this epesoide of Newlyweds, Nick said the same thing. And the sad thing is its 2x what i paid for my dog and its 100% pure shih tzu with papers. But if its something you're going use i say go for it.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. I have a sac chien and I fit my 2 chihuahua in it (1 IS 5 pounds and the other one is 2 pounds)...sometime the bag gets more attention then the dogs!!!
  9. Too cute, my hubby rolled his eyes. Yeah I think I remember that episode of newlyweds. Are the vintage ones that much different, I don't think I ever saw a vintage one. I would love to have a yorkie too.
  10. OH that's the vintage one, someone had that listed as a vintage speedy on ebay. That's nicer I like that one better myself.
  11. thats a westie in the pic.... which is what i have... but im missing the carrier
  12. I have big dogs, so I just don't get the dogs in a bag thing...
  13. I think if you have a tiny dog and you want to buy a proper carrier for the dog then it is cute...

    ...however, the other day I saw a girl carrying her dog in a regular shoulder bag and the poor thing was bouncing up and down like crazy! :sad: She kept on walking and yapping with her friend. It was almost like she forgot she had placed the dog in her bag. Terrible. Dogs aren't accessories and people should stop trying to imitate Niki Hilton and Britney Spears. Seriously. Does your dog really need to go shopping with you? :hrmm:
  14. I have the dog but not the Sac Chien, I would rather spend money on bags for myself:lol: :lol: .
    My dog is a Papillon.