Does anyone have a Roxbury?

  1. Hi ladies (and gents),
    I was wondering if anyone had a Roxbury and if so could you leave a comment on what you think of it? Love it, hate it? I'm normally not a big fan of the vernis line but this model I think I could really use a lot and since I'm heading to Paris in about a week I was thinking I might pick one up. Thank you!!!:flowers:
  2. It's cute. I don't have it but a friend does and she always uses it withOUT the strap. Either way, it's a cute bag, and if you want it, go for it! Especially if you know you'll get a lot of use out of it :smile:
  3. Yeah, I was thinking it would look cuter without the strap too. Thanks for the info! ;)
  4. i saw a lady with a perle one with the strap and it looked sooo classy! i loved it! too bad the way i dress (university bum) is not compatible with the least not yet!
  5. am dyyyying to get my hand on one ... yet the current colors are'nt appealing to me ... any1 knows if they'll release it in new colors?
  6. I have the Roxy in Indigo. It is one of my favorite bags. They are currently not making it in any new colors.
  7. Do you know if they still make it in indigo? The last time I checked (I think about 2 weeks ago at the LV boutique in Orlando) the SA tolded me that it only came in noisette and pearle. Indigo sounds divine!!! I was thinking about noisette if those were the only two colors I could choose from... what does everyone think???
  8. try contacting ur LV and ask if they will release the Roxbury in new colors .. since they're having new bags/colors coming out soon.. if no i would suggest the hazelnut ...perle is too risky ...