Does anyone have a list of good Chanel sellers on ebay?

  1. I am just getting into Chanel and not sure who to trust or how to make sure it is auth!

  2. There is a thread to authenticate bags beofre you buy them. There is also a thread that contains authentic sellers. Try a search and you will get alot of great information. Good luck...
  3. Also jasmine21t has been selling authentic Chanel.
  4. Personalshoppers and ocgirl. Ocgirl has great deals.
  5. smoothoprter is the best.
  6. There are many sellers that sell authentic Chanel as well as other designer items. Many PFers sell their items on eBay, but I don't believe we are allowed to post our eBay ids. Otherwise, I would want to post mine. I have had quite a few pleasant transactions thru eBay with pfers. The best thing to do is post an ebay auction you are unsure of in the "authenticate this" thread. Pfers are more than happy to help.
  7. I would go with personalshoppers. Shes the best! Very professional, abiet her prices might seem inflated sometimes, but her service is great! she is also a great consigner. I have sent her a few of my designer handbags to resell and she has been nothing short of amazing.