Does anyone have a Legacy in Clay?

  1. Ok, first time posting here so I hope it goes to the right place!

    I just (excitedly) bought my first Coach in awhile - got a PCE and bought a Legacy shoulder bag and wristlet in Clay. I LOVE this color - I think it works well in fall as well as summer and the bag size is perfect for me!

    So now I have a question: I know this leather style is supposed to "weather" - but the ones in the store I saw were REALLY dinged up - I mean, looking REALLY beatup with whitish scratches all over them. I'm not sure how easily this happens - clearly, the ones in the stores are totally manhandled to death - but can I maintain mine fairly easily? Can I really rub most of those marks out eventually with my finger? is there anything that you put on it to alleviate the condition?

    Anyone with some experience with this (or with any other of the colors - Whiskey looked pretty beat up, too!) - your input would be greatly appreciated! :yes:
  2. Great questioun! I'd really like to know too!
  3. I noticed this on the Clay floor sample at my Coach store too. I asked the SA if there were any Legacy colors that didn't look very distressed after a short time and she said "maybe black". I don't think the Legacy line is for anyone who is sensitive about getting scrapes and marks on a bag.
  4. I bought the Clay shoulder bag last PCE and I love it. I conditioned it with Apple leather conditioner when I brought it home and use a drop of it on the corner of a soft cloth anytime I get big scratches. It takes the scratches right out. I haven't had to do it more than a couple times, but I don't have fingernails to scratch the bag. I think it would take alot of manhandling to get the bag to look like the ones in the store. Everybody who picks them up must scratch them just because they can!
  5. I have a Clay flap, and I haven't had too much of a problem with scratching--although, I don't mind a little bit of the distressed look, though.
  6. The scratches rub out with your fingers. I had the clay and just returned it yesterday because I really do not have any use for it but I loved it anyway. I love the feel of the leather and the look.
  7. Cheryl - Is that Apple Guard Conditioner you're talking about? When you applied it, did it change the color at all? Also, where did you get it - Home Depot, Lowe's? Thanks!!!
  8. the scratching on the clay leather are just part of the deal. i have a clay gigi and it looks so fabulous and vintage now - i've really made my mark on her. a lot of the big scratches i just rub out with my fingers, but i personally love the look of her when she's worn in. as far as using any products on it, some people do but i would never use anything on the vachetta leather - i've seen too many people ruin too many bags by using products that aren't recommended.
  9. Yes , I used Apple Guard Conditioner. The bag looked a little darker when I applied it, but went back to normal after it dried. It definitely made the bag softer and I think easier to rub out scratches. I had gotten a couple of water spots on the bag before I treated it and they faded with the Apple conditioner but were not totally removed. I know Coach doesn't recommend using any products but their own, but I took a chance and don't feel my bag was harmed in any way, but only time will tell if Apple affects the life span of my bag. Sorry, I don't remember where I purchased the conditioner. I bought it online and didn't save the link to the store.
  10. Thanks Cheryl! That was the other thing I was afraid of - that the bag gets water spotting. I specifically asked the Coach 1-800# and my SA and they both said that the Clay should not stain with rain or whatever...but clearly this is not the case! If I decide to keep her, I will definitely get the Apple conditioner (need it for my boots & shoes anyway)...esp since you seem to have had good results.