Does anyone have a Josephine?

  1. I am seriously thinking about getting this bag but I need your help to tell me the pros & cons for those of you have it. Thank you!!
  2. I have a PM in Khaki TST and I love her!

    Pros: top opens wide like a doctor's bag, very roomy, very classy and elegant, gold feet are TDF

    Con: double zippers - I leave mine undone
  3. I had a PM in khaki TST and sold it about a month ago because my husband kept saying it looked like an old lady's bag. I think it's stunning in navy TST though.
  4. ^^^ Are you calling me an old lady? ;)
  5. I agree with both addicted and jazzybelle! I have the navy TST and I still think it's an old lady bag but I love her anyway! She's just very classy and elegant all around.
  6. i have the PM in Navy TST and i DON'T think it's an old-lady bag. it's one of my favorite drag-around bags :love:. it can hold a lot, and can be used as a handheld or shoulder bag :yes:
  7. No. My husband is. :P
  8. Thanks for your input ~ I'll have to think about this a little more.
  9. I have it in Cherry :smile: I love it. My only cons are that you have to have it completely unzippered to take anything out. Becasue of the wire fram around the zipper you can't just unzip it a little bit toquickly grab something small. I know that's a pretty minor thing though. I also wish the PM's handles were just a wee but longer, so it would fit more comfotable on the shoulder, but they still fit so it's not a biggie. And of course the mini mono is harder to keep clean, but you already knew that.

    All in all, I love it! It's a great bag ;)
  10. I agree with others....It's a great bag but a bit difficult to open and close but I :heart: :heart: mine
  11. I hope *jazzybelle* didn't mean that. I have the beige tst her name is d'Yquem and she's gorgeous!

    I :heart: the bag and have no negatives about this handbag.:P
  12. i have in cherry! its lovely!
  13. i have the PM model in navy...don't carry here around a lot but she's pretty

    i love the opening, the zipper goes all the way, providing easy access.....

    i don't really like the handles, they are a bit too long for me cuz i use mine as a handheld bag, not really wearing it on my shoulder but it can be used both ways.....

    hope this helps :smile:

  14. yup, yup, I totally agree!
  15. I have the PM in Blue and it is one of my favorite bags, I can use it hand held or on my shoulder, it cleans up nice, it's got a great wide opening, it holds a lot, I would almost get another if there had been another color out there that I loved.......