Does anyone have a Coach watch

  1. If so, which one and how do you like it?
  2. I bought one at Filenes Basement in Natick (on sale) a few months back. Have not used it at all .. planning to give it to my sister as a gift. It's a pink leather strap and is very cute. Made by Movado.
    I would keep it if it was bigger and perhaps a metal band instead of leather.
  3. I did not like the scribble oversized watch, it was too big for me and was so heavy and just looked awakward. So I went to the outlet and picked up a small one with a black band for 200 less than my previous one.
  4. I do...but I bought it 4 years ago..have no idea what its named but its not currently available.

    I love it...mine is primarily silver with some gold. Makes it easily wearable with either. I particulary love the clasp, which is hidden you don't see it like with many metal watch bands.

    I've been extremely happy - but not sure I'd pay FULL price - I bought mine at an outlet at 50% off retail for it.....retail I think was like $698 for my model.

    Oh and I've tried on some of the cutsy bracelet looking ones...but those clasps I'm never able to do myself...and if I can't put the watch on by myself I don't buy it... same with bracelets.
  5. I have two and love them both.
    One is movado with a larger round face and a sky blue leather band. The other is smaller with a rectangular face and a brown leather band.
    Both are accented in silver and I paid about $100 for each - a true score I thought.
    One was from eBay and came with all the original material - receipt, box, warranty info et cetera. The other I got at the outlet.
    I would buy another one without hesitation if I saw a style I liked.
  6. oh i love the one i's pink and square...i only had to pay $70 for it at a watch outlet, which was a steal. the band is really thin and its all one shade of pink. not sure of the name but they definitely are great quality, dont hesitate to get one!
  7. I have a version of this Mercer watch. But that was about 6 or 7 years ago.

    But it's not etched, it's just kind of like a silver bangle. It was a present from a loved one that died, and I absent mindedly worried the clasp until it came loose. It's in it's box now, this pic is courtey of eBay :yes:


    I loved it, and it got compliments left and right :love:
  8. I have 3, all made by Movado, which I got on eBay (2 from the same seller), each for around $100 NIB, warranty card, case, etc. I love them. One has light pink suede band and is the bridle style I believe, the second is a brown leather/alligator band with silver face I believe and the last is a lilac leather band with silver face. I have the lilac one on today. Attached are a couple of pics. I have very very small wrists so this watch looks large but isn't all that large.
    LilacWatch1.jpg LilacWatch2.jpg
  9. i have a really cute's square silver dial with red accents (you know like the other two mini circles within the large dial)....and the strap is a red signature with red leather on the outside....SUPER cute and i thought i got it on a CRAZY sale....about 350, and get this i got it from COSTCO!!!! hehe i got excited :smile:
  10. I have two watches.
    The lexington bracelet watch [​IMG]
    The studio ectched bangle watch [​IMG]

    I love them both. The Lexington is very classic, I can wear it everyday. The Studio has the signature which I love, so I had to get it.

  11. The studio etched is on my list for my next watch!! LOVE that watch!!
  12. love the studio etched too :love:

    I just got this one at the movado outlet last weekend ... for $51 down from $268, you can't beat that!!

  13. ^ :sad: I checked the outlet right after I saw your post about the Movado sale, but they didn't have any Coach clearance ones left.... My luck. *sigh*
  14. Lovely - what color is the band?