Does anyone have a black Christy?

  1. If so, what color is the suede lining? TIA!
  2. The color of the suede lining will depend on the season. Is there a particular season you are curious about?
  3. Thanks Melly,

    I recently saw one at Neimans with brown lining, and it was gorgeous. I'm hoping to get one with the brown lining.

    You wouldn't happen to know if there will be a difference between Spring 07 and Fall 07? I'm hoping to get one soon.
  4. The brown suede lining belongs to Fall 07, and Spring 07 had grey suede lining. If you're quick, you might be able to get the fall Christy on sale during the holidays.

    Christy is now considered part of the classic calf collection so it will be released in Resort 07 as well, but I don't know what color the interior will be.
  5. Thank you Thithi,

    I will be getting this soon, and your post gives me hope for the brown lining!