Does anyone find it hard to use a non-designer bag after having designer bags...?

  1. I find I look at my designer bags more as an extension of myself. Like it represents and complements me, because I spend the extra time to learn about the bag and invest in one that suits me.

    Where convenience and practicality is necessary, I carry Vera Bradley or Herve Chapelier. I'm happy with these during casual outings but I have no emotional attachment to them as much as I do the luxury ones because these are readily replaceable.

    I think a lot has to do with how much effort one goes to for a designer bag because there is some kind of "yearning" invested (financially, mentally, emotionally)
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    Very well said, but I can relate in that designer bags seem to spoil us, or me anyway. I think everyone has some important points. I tend to go back and forth these days....sometimes disappointed with the $$ and quality of higher end bags and switch back to designers like Tory Burch and Belen Echandia that I can use without babying. You may want to look into these brands. They will cost $500-800, but will last forever and you can use them in the rain, etc.

    I do have a problem with faux leather bags in that I can't stand the smell. Fabric and nylon are okay, but the smell of leather is addictive.
  3. Huh? You mean like "feel" as in I feel happy to carry something that makes me feel good? Well, yes.

    But the question posed by the OP was "how do people generally feel about it"; I took that to mean "about" the original question: Finding it hard to use a non-designer bag after having designer bags.
  4. That's what I mean. Carrying the designer bags make me happy and I feel good carrying them, so much so that I don't buy nondesigner anymore ... which means that I don't mix buying designer and nondesigner bags.

    OP, there's nothing wrong with it at all. If you see nondesigner bags that you love, that's all that matters. It goes back to what I said first. If it makes you feel good, not a darned thing wrong with it! :biggrin: I do that with my jewelry and clothes.

    If I missed the intent of your question, my apologies. I don't think I did, though.
  5. Whatever about my love of designer bags I have to admit that some very modest bags have become some of my favourites. For example, a couple of months ago I bought a faux-leather inspired-by AW Rocco bag from the French fashion chain Naf-Naf. I love it because it was such a nostalgic purchase. I'm in France regularly and love checking out Naf-Naf, but never bought a bag there. But I love my 'Focco', especially as it cost me under 50 euros. Designer-wise I also love Orla Kiely's retro print bags. They're superb quality, not ridiculously expensive and wear like iron.
  6. I'm at the stage where i'm very comfortable carrying anything from premium designer to contemporary designer and sometimes even non designer. When i shop for a new bag now, i go for the quality and design. If a bag makes me happy, that would be enough for me. I believe it's really a personal preference, because most of the time people on the street don't even know what you're carrying unless it's splashed with logos (which i begin to find tacky, sorry ladies) like i said it's really a personal preference ;).
  7. After LV, Gucci, Burberry I don't want to carry my heavy coach. Bad?
  8. Yes, I do. I prefer to carry premium designer.
  9. I'm def. spoiled by my designer bags but I don't find it hard to wear a non designer. It's been times when I've gotten more comments on my simple leather bag from DSW (Idk who the designer is..) than I have on on my Michael Kors that looks damn near exactly like it lol. Like I said, it's all in how you wear it.

    And ITA about that quality. OMG!! The more the bag costs sometimes, the ****tier the quality which is like a no-go for me!
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  11. This is me to a T.
  12. I swear, when I would carry a $4000 Chanel flap, all I could think about was it getting stolen! I couldn't even enjoy it for fear of getting it dirty, stolen, someone spilling something on it, etc.
    I need a bag I can enjoy and not constantly be on edge with. :sweatdrop:
  13. I threw my hand up when I read the title of this thread.:p

    I have 10 bags in heavy rotation right now and 3 of them are not premier or contemporary designer. They are from Cole Haan, Mania (Italian brand) and Andrew Marc. I didn't use any of these bags for a long time but realized that at some point, they were favorites of mine and thus, deserving of a little bit of respect :roflmfao:

    But, I will say, I have not bought a non-premier designer bag, except for a Rebecca Minkoff, this year. There's a Furla bag I kinda like and another Rebecca Minkoff I like, but I keep thinking that the money for these bags would be better off going towards a premier designer bag on my Gimme list:graucho:
  14. No. Not hard at all if the bag meets certain criteria: Excellent quality, excellent materials, and is unique looking. I tend to go with purses that not a lot of people have, yet staying within a certain price range. When it comes to purses 'broad' is a great way to think because there are so many types to choose from. Just be picky about quality and materials used.
  15. I have absolutely no problem carrying bags that are not from high-end designers. I have an extensive collection of handbags. For a good 30 years, I have always mixed the collection with both the high-end designer ones and the no, big-name ones.

    I select a bag by what works for me, what I like, and the quality of the bag. There are a LOT of non, high-end designer bags out there that have very high quality. Over the years, there are those who have been brainwashed, by marketing, to think that only high-end designer bags are of high quality. I have bought plenty of high quality handbags, over many years, and many at T.J. Maxx and Nordstrom Rack.

    Plus, I don't like to always look like a clone of everyone else out there with the high-end designer bags, so I'm very good at mixing things up. I get a lot of compliments on my bags.

    As for the high-end ones, I tend to like Chloe, Vuitton, Burberry,and Chanel-vintage. I also seek out other vintage high-end bag from time to time. But, I absolutely don't just go out to the high-end boutiques to look for a handbag. I shop all over and I really mean "all" over. Variety is the spice of life!

    Some of my favorite bag design companies are:
    1)Sequoia Paris- Have bought their bags since their beginnings in the 80s, I think it was.
    2)Francesco Biasia- Have bought them for a long time,too.
    3)Coccinelle-Have bought them both in Italy and on
    4)Plinio Visona-great bags that can be had on from time to time or bought in Italy.
    5)Groom-Paris-Have been going to that boutique in Paris probably since the 80s.
    6)Karine Dupont-Paris-up the street from Groom.
    7)Luana-got mine at Nordstrom Rack for less than half the asking price. Bought 6 of them.
    8)Jim Thompson-Bangkok
    9)The Sak
    10) Lockheart (same designer as Isabella Fiori), an L.A. company.
    11) Icon Shoes and bags. Also an L.A. company. Very high quality
    12) Claudia Firenze-can get at T.J.Maxx
    13) Pietro Alessandro
    14) Treesje-Another L.A. company and can be bought at Nordstrom Rack
    15) All Saints-bought mine at Nordstrom Rack.
    16) Shanghai Tang-on sale
    And there are a lot of other ones that I can't think of the names of, but have bought for decades.