Does Anyone Else Notice Falling Prices on Ebay???

  1. Is it just me, or does anyone else notice recent falling prices on eBay, particularly on Birkins? Is it just after Christmas sale time or do you think it's a trend? Or am I just off base here????
  2. Yes - I've noticed this - I think it's the greater availability of birkins in boutiques coupled with decreased demand due to a general distrust and influx of fake goods on eBay.
  3. Well, it's really part of the "marketing" strategy that most retailers (internet or otherwise) use. You do a significant mark up on an item, so that when you do a sale later on, pyschologically to the customer, it looks like a good deal because it's now XX% off the original price? There will be that category of customer who wants immediate gratification and is willing to pay the initial premium and the rest probably wait for the discount.

    Not every person has access to an HErmes store or a good relationship with an SA (esp in Asia) to land a birkin. So (reputable) resellers remain a viable option for many.

    The thing also with hermes birkin/kelly is that each bag looks different to another - they are all handmade by craftsmen and the leather used for each bag is different. Personally, I have passed on bags that were in the color and leather I wanted because that particular bag (construction and grains) did not appeal to me KWIM? I have noticed that people are willing to pay quite a significant premium for a basic colored birkin via a reseller simply because that particular bag appealed to them.
  4. Only a few resellers are marking down, and then, not all their stock.
  5. Resellers with marked-down prices are trying to get rid of some of their stock which they have held for a while. Some of these bags are from a few years back!! They are just not selling because of their haughty attitude. They way they treat their potential customers are just catching up with them.
  6. Sex and the City movie will be out this spring. Maybe Carrie will be carrying a Birkin and start up that whole craze again LOL!!
  7. Yes I see that too. I was tempted to get the croc birkin but maybe not that color. Just like Tricia said "Some of these bags are from a few years back!!!" but still the price from today!! which is not bad at all. So I think they have to get rid of I, F blindstamp since they will receive more K and L blindstamps in their stock very soon.
  8. Bite your tongue woman! J.K.
    I really hope SATC highlights some other handbag designers. Obtaining these babies is already hard enough as is.
  9. I notice that items that are being marked down are those that are not in super great demand. I don't see any croc items being marked down. Plus, in keeping with the season/time of the year, a lot of retailers are doing after holiday sales so perhaps the resellers are doing the same thing.

    I expect that in the new year, prices will be slightly up but don't think they will come down much on eBay at least with the major resellers - esp with the expected 10% or so price increase.

    I personally like some of the older croc pieces, I wish prices for those items would go down but don't think they will by much. I am told that it is hard to find really good skins for the croc pieces esp for matte crocs (which is my preference for croc bags) so not many bags are being made with these skins (vs. before).