Does anyone else have this problem?

  1. I buy nice things, ie. bags and accessories for them, and then shy away from using them as much as I could, for fear of ruining them - what if I spill something on them? What if they get dirty? Etc. My husband says you bought them, use them, that's what they are for. Anyone else ever feel this way or am I crazy?
  2. I think leather gets better with use, perhaps it is the oil from our hands and the wear from handling.

    If you love something and it serves the purpose you bought it for, ie. holding your belongings in an organized fashion and looking beautiful while doing it, I say use it and enjoy your lovely things.

    Life is short, scoop it up like jelly beans and stuff them into your mouth. *s

  3. ^ I agree..Just keep rotating your bags..then they'll stay new!! After use clean them up, put some lotion on them..carefully wrap until the next time....Then when you use it again it's like unwrapping for the first time..ready to use!!! (You think YOU have problems?!?! I'm about as anal as they come...!)
  4. I can't say that you're any crazier than my 107 year old grandma. (that's right..107.) She is still saving her good slippers and slips for special days. We joke around alot in my family so she can be easy to rib...We ask her how many more days does she think that she has to use them? And that she better use them while she can because none of us want any of them. She also doesn't watch tv or read at length as she is "saving her eyes". Saving them for what? That's another case of use them while you can. So, talking about your handbags....I'll say it again...use them while you can. I know I do.
  5. Thanks girls. I do use them but not as much as I could. Guess I have to remind myself that you all - and my hubby - are right!
  6. I say use them as much as possible. Enjoy them as much as you can. Heck wear them out it then gives you an excuse to "HAVE TO" buy new ones.
  7. yah, I do the same thing. I guess that might be one reason that I like buying pre-loved purses. I never feel bad about putting the first scratch on it or wearing out the "newness".
  8. I can be a little like that at first but after the first few uses it goes away. It's sort of like getting a new car. Once it gets that first little tiny scratch on it then it's broken in.
  9. I agree with beljwl. . .use 'em up!! Enjoy 'em! Let the other girls at the grocery store wish they were you when you come in sporting your latest, greatest bag!!
  10. No. I don't buy things for my closets and drawers to enjoy ;)
  11. I did at first, but then I figured I'd better do something or I'm just going to go nuts with my paranoia. The only bags that I don't take out now are the really old vintage ones. I also think about where I'm going and what bag could take the worst case scenario ( eg: going to Vera's Burgers and having ketchup spilt on the table...):smile:
  12. I'm the same, ie my first nice designer bag is sat in it's dustbag in my wardrobe waitng for a suitable outing!! ie nice day in the summer when not raining. I'm hoping after it's first few outings I'll lose my paranoia and start using it properly.
  13. Take 'em out, baby them - but think of how much fun they're missing trapped in your house. If some of my bags just sit at home all the time I sell those so they can go to a good home where they can be used and loved.

    Yep - I anthropomorphize too much.
  14. hahaha U have the same problem as my mom.. I bought her a gucci bag last year, it never get to see sunlight, it's still nicely wrapped in the dust paper, tucked neatly in her walk in closet..My sis complains about the same thing too when she gave our mom something designer or expensive.. she loves them so much, she doesn't wanna use them..

    For me, i have a different problem.. sometimes i feel embarassed to use/wear designer goods..i know not everyone can afford to purchase luxury items.. sometimes it just makes me feel bad wearing/using them.. i know i work hard to purchase these items.. but i can't help the feelings sometimes..
  15. i always used them the day i got them... and using it more the days after!