does anyone else have the same problem with ali

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  1. i bought the factory version ali bag yesterday and tried it on today just to see how it wears but the only thing i am having trouble with is that it does not stay on my shoulder. maybe the strap is too wide or so or maybe i am petite , for reference i am 5'1 and 110lbs.
  2. The strap does seem wide(I don't have the bag but I do have a Legacy shoulder flap and the strap widths look the same), but personally it's rare that I find a bag that doesn't slip off my shoulder.
  3. I have an older ALI and while I agree that the strap is super wide, it fits on my shoulder nicely!!!
  4. My Ali and Mandy stay on my shoulder the best for me out of all my Coach bags due to the wider more substantial strap. Maybe you just need to break the Garcia leather in??? Anybody know?
  5. i am sorry but i am not familiar with the garcia leather. r the factory legacy bags made of garcia leather?
  6. No, the factory Legacy Ali that you have is not Garcia leather. It is most likely because you are so petite. I have problems w/Coach slippage, (I'm tall) but for some reason the Ali Slim Flap (old Legacy) stays really well on my shoulder...which isn't always the case!!
  7. My mother is carrying my Ali and hasen't mentioned anyhting to me about slippage...and I'm sure she would! She isn't petite like you though! Maybe..and this is just a suggestion, you could use an extra dogleash clasp like the ones found at Wal-Mart! Maybe if the bag hung lower it would pull the weight down a bit and keep it on your shoulder better? Just a thought and it's a cheap try, I think they are approx $2 where the chain and rope items are in hardware!!!
  8. thanks lovecoachmore. i will definitely give it a try
  9. Is your bag hanging straight on your shoulder when you carry it, or do you push the bag body aft under your arm? Pushing it backwards should help it stay on your shoulder better than letting it hang straight down. Also it helps if you have more stuff in your bag.
  10. I'm tall with broad shoulders and my Ali does slip from time to time. My shoulders are slighted sloped so that may be part of the slippage issue. My new Ali slips more since the leather is still stiff. My oldest Ali's strap is softer and stays on better.