Does anyone else have a mini flap Chanel?

  1. My first and only Chanel (hopefully not my last) is what i can only describe as a mini flap in the style of a 2.55. It is black perforated lambs leather, with silver hardware. And although small i find it big enough for all my essentials. Inside she has 2 pockets one zip one open and they are useful pockets (i have other small bags which have pockets but they seem to only be there for decoration). I love that the strap is long enough that i can wear the bag messenger style, i feel safer with it like that if i'm walking around town or i'm in a crowd, and i also love that the strap can be shortened to two different lengths. So although the bag was pretty expensive, it is really 3 bags in 1. How cool is that. Anyway i was just wondering if anybody else has one and if so do you use it much and do you :love: it like i :love: mine?
  2. Please would someone, anyone leave me a little message. Starting to feel unloved:sad:
  3. I have a mini classic flap. Does yours look similiar?
    I also love mine. I got it because I was having a baby and now with 2 kids, I don't have enough hands for carrying a bag too. It works great and I also use it when I go to a casino or shopping trips. Love being hands free.
    I need one in red.
  4. I would love to own of these! Better write it down on my list to buy! Congrats!
  5. I have two. Orange patent and black. I also bought them because I was pregnant and they are great now that I have the baby. Its a great looking bag too.
  6. i've been dreaming of owning something similar lately.
  7. I have two: a pink with silver chain and beige with gold chain, i use them when i go shopping and out for drinks at night, love them:heart:
  8. i just recently bought one, pink caviar. but haven't received it, so i don't have pix to show.
  9. Oooh, I would love to get it in black perforated lambskin! Was it very expensive? I have black caviar and wear it out for dinner and also tuck it in my suitcase for travel. I also wore it to the opera and they were making everyone open their bags for a search. My sister had to open hers but because this was so small, I didn't. It's small but still holds cell phone, wallet and makeup.
  10. Hi Littleblackbag,
    Congrats on your new purchase! :smile:
    Btw, I see you are located in the UK..
    Don't mind sharing the price for the mini flap?
    Cos I have been wondering how much they cost here in the UK.. Thanks in advance..;)

    Btw Aprilvalentine & Luccibag..
    Now that you both mentioned it's a perfect purse during pregnant & with a baby, it's making me want this purse more!!(junior on the way..)
    I can carry this messenger style & still carry a diaper bag..:idea:
  11. Ibiza,

    Its great during pregnancy because carrying a baby for 9 months makes you not want to carry much else, especially during the end. It still fit me during pregnancy, barely lol. But after the baby is born you need your hands free not only for the diaper bag but transporting the baby in the car seat around, from car to home, home to car, etc. The mini flap is small enough to not even feel like you're carrying anything. It doesnt get in the way at all, yet you can still look stylish.:wlae:
  12. Oh wow, thanks for the replies. Has this bag been around a long time then sounds like it has, is it a classic? And did i make a wise choice for my first Chanel purchase? I just went with my heart (and my budget) and bought what i loved.
    Aprilvalentine: Yep, thats the shape and size of my bag. i'm no good at computer things and i'm too embarressed to ask my husband to show me how to upload pics ( he'd never understand ). Thanks for posting photo.:tup:
    Ibiza:biggrin:on't mind sharing price. It was £850. Hope you get one and use it and :love: it as much as i do.
  13. The way I see it, if you use it, and you are happy with it, you made a wise choice for sure.:tup:
  14. I think it's such a lovely bag to have...Luccibag... you are such a nice lady, you are always giving alot of sensible/constructive/useful comments to Pfers....and I love your collection of Chanel too.... ;)
  15. Thanks for the info Luccibag!:wlae:
    Lol..I'm sure it will barely fit to carry it across my body at the end of 9months! But I agree it will be great after the baby is born.. I really wanna get one now!!:yahoo: