Does anyone else get this??

  1. SO I am sittign in my office minding my own business when one of my coworkers comes in to talk with me, we are just taking and he asks where I am going this summer (vacation) I tell him Maui and we start talking about Hawaii,and I tel him how my family and me go at least once a year blah blah blah. Then he proceeds to tell me I Shouldnt go with my family I should go with my boyfriend:rolleyes: bc hawaii is somewhere you go with a partner:confused1:. To which I reply "Idont have a boyfriend" it comes.........then he proceeds to look at me as though I have just told him I am terminally ill or something, and "consolingly" tells me "I'm sorry", then "why":wtf::wtf::wtf:......OK so besides being totally rude, I am 25 I go on vacations with my family and I love it, LOL.....and no I am not ashamed of being single, :rant:, maybe a little lonely from time to time, but whats so wrong with being single IMO im young and at a perfect age to enjoy single life. So I tel my friends when I get home from work and they look at me like this:sad:, I cant win, I guess I dont have to feel bad about being single because everyone else feels bad enough for me
  2. LOL

    ignore it

    sounds like he might have been trying (and failing) on a pickup line LOL
  3. ITA with rethreads. i get the opposite, im 20 but look about 17 and my SO is the same age but looks alot older so we get "are you really with him/her" looks.
  4. Aww, I totally understand *Lo. Its the upside down happy possum story (That's what me & the bf refer to it as. I don't remember the name... but the children's book where the possum is hanging upside down and smiling. But everyone can't tell because from their viewpoint they think he's frowning.). You're happy but people don't think you could possibly be happy & they ruin it for you by making you feel insecure. There's nothing wrong with being single. Better to be single than to be in an unmeaningful relationship. That's awesome that you get along so well with your family. :smile:
  5. ^^ exactly!
  6. Ok seriously? Tell those people that it's your life and you will do whatever the hell you want to do and they can just deal :supacool:
  7. I was single for 6.5 years. When people looked at me like I was a charity case I promptly told them I was quite happy. And really...the people that tried to make me feel bad were the ones who were in ****ty relationships.

    But like it was said above, I think he was trying to hit on you.
  8. Good for you hunny - I'm single and take myself off out for dinner, cinema, walks, coffee, holidays etc these activities are not just to be enjoyed or exclusive for when your are part of a couple.

    Oh yeah - Sorry to say the pitying looks never alter, just your reaction to them, but then again I'm a cynical old witch lol.
  9. ...the upside down possum story = :heart:
  10. he clearly was successful at hitting on you - i mean you TOTALLY got that vibe... :roflmfao:

    In general - enjoy all the family hols you can get - I should have done that more often, i mean mine are great now (I still do that, although now with my baby or with hubby and baby, and i am almost 30). if you are happy that is all that matters anyway.
  11. Thanks guys!! I was totally feelign insecure for about ummmm 15 minutes, lol, thinking "should i feel embarressed being single?" ...I just dont want to waste my time being in pointless relationships..I am waiting for Mr right:p
  12. oh and the upside down possum story ...sooo cute:heart:
  13. There's nothing wrong with going on vacation with your family!!

    Some of my family members say stuff since Bart and I still live with my mom and we go on vaca with her too, but I don't care! I love my mom and she's the best - and I love going on vacation with her and Bart!
  14. I didn't start (officially) dating my fiance until I was 26. Before that I was either alone or going out on dates and stuff ;) (the stuff being with my now fiance). All the vacations I took ,and still take, were with family or friends. I don't see anything wrong. People like that need to zip it and look in the mirror.

    The way I see it, those are the years your supposed to be "alone", because once you actually find someone that you want to be with forever, it's over. Not in a bad way, in a good way.:yes:
  15. Pffffft. SOme of the happiest times in my life were when I decided I was happy single, and stopped looking for a while. (In fact, I met my husband after one such declaration, but that's neither here nor there....)

    Eff them, that's what I say. IF you're happy, that's all that matters.