Does anyone else ever have that Sunday feeling?

  1. I am a primary school teacher and have to be at school each day at eight, my fiance works in Canary Wharf which is in London so he commutes on the train, he doesn't get home till about 8 or 9 sometimes later if he has a big deal on, every night when I get home I have to sit and plan my lessons and mark, I love my job but feel I never see my other half and weekends go so quickly and on Sundays I just feel so miserable knowing I have to get up the next day when it's still dark and I am always tired, does anyone else ever feel like this or is it just me? :confused1:
  2. Lol..yeah sometimes. Not so much anymore though now that I scheduled my classes so I don't go on Mondays. But yeah I know what you mean.
  3. God yes when I worked I hated the thought of Monday morning. Friday was brilliant but as Monday approached the depression set in LOL
    What do they say ..........."Make your obsession your profession & you will never work a day in your life" I was obviously in the wrong job LOL
  4. Days used to have a feel. So did places.
    Guess I've lived long enough & been enough places, doesn't happen anymore. :sad:
  5. Yeap. Have to log on and do some emails in a bit in preparation for Monday.. it IS depressing! :sad:
  6. Yes, I always do :sad:
  7. I agree, I really hate sunday nights when you have to prepare for your LOOOOOONG week ahead... *sigh*
  8. Ever since I was a child, I have always been somewhat depressed Sundays nights. Interesting that it is a common feeling . . . Even Monday mornings are better!
  9. Same with me, and the last day of school holidays was almost unbearable...
  10. Ditto
  11. I felt this way most of my adult life as well. I'm lucky that my parents are around, in good health and live pretty close by, and we got into this tradition of having dinner together most Sunday nights. As bad as this sounds, that would start to stress me out because it reminded me that I didn't have a BF at the time and would then get anxious about the work day ahead... forward a few years and I completely changed my life. I still see my parents for dinner or lunches but we don't do it Sundays. I joined a co-ed sports league about 3 years ago and most of our games are sunday nights. So rather than mope around, I now get out of the house, get exercise and hang out with a fantastic group of people to boot! Sure, I might be a little tired on Monday morning at work, but the exercise and team camraderie destresses me like nothing else.
  12. Oh I agree. Around seven o'clock on Sunday nights, my glorious weekend has been poisoned by the thought and despair of having to work the next day!

    I love my job (kindergarten teacher) but I love being able to read for pleasure, play online and work in my art room.
  13. I can definitely relate! I dread Sunday evenings because I dislike Monday mornings. I really do like Pursegrrl's suggestions to keep busy...I'll have to look into that!
  14. gr8, I can't say enough about how much it's completely changed my outlook on life and not getting down in the dumps or stressed on Sundays. Keeping busy with something that is nowhere near related to work precisely at the time I *used* to get stressed about work has been my cure toward dreading Mondays! Even if I have an early meeting or a gloomy schedule the next day I can smile to myself knowing I kicked butt (or at least tried) in a sport or something completely unrelated to work. :wlae:
  15. Yes!! Which is why I never understood the Bangles lyric, "Just another manic Monday. Wish it were Sunday. That's my fun day". Saturday is my fun day, but I guess that doesn't rhyme, now does it?