Does anyone do Balenciaga appraisals?

  1. And if not, this could be a great venture for someone:idea:
    I'm mostly referring to the problems many of us (well, I do, anyway) face when setting out to sell a B-Bag, usually on Ebay, and not being 100% sure how to price it..? The condition, year, colour, etc. are of course all so important- and it's so easy to overprice and lose your listing fee more than once or underprice and lose out even more.
    I for one would love to know if there's anywhere to do this online- send in a picture and a Paypal payment of $5.00 or so for an expert opinion on its value? It would be cheaper than paying the relisting fees multiple times, or the amount you'd lose for underpricing...
    What do you all think?
  2. Someone asked a few weeks ago about a blue book of sorts and I replied that I think it would be too hard because bbag girls change their minds all the time. A color can be hot one minute and then not the next, same with the style. Seems many ebayers will try and follow a trend but jump on too late. A bag may go for a high price one day so a lot of other sellers seem to follow by listing their's but then it becomes a buyer's market. I also think there is the whole thing with new colors and leathers coming out. People didn't not seem too excited by the quality and colors of the s/s '06 bags so it was more of a seller's market. But some of the f/w ones seem to be much more desirable so then I think we may be back to a buyers market. Also, as colors start to sort of repeat themselves, what was once a hard to find color may not be anymore. That is, some may be satisfied with getting blueberry instead of indigo or the new rouge instead of the old.

    I do think that '04 and earlier will always sell well but we haave seen many lately that have not because everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. Now everyone seems to be all about flat brass or silver hardware when not many cared before. I am sure that will die soon too.

    I also think a lot has to do with who is doing the selling. A dude bag will go for higher than my bag.

    As I also said in the earlier thread, for some it is the hunt and when there is an influx of some color/style, the hunt becomes less exciting so the hunters may lose interest.
  3. ^totally!

    Your best bet is to list it at a price that you are willing to let the bag go for! check completed auctions as well, that will give you a jumping off point...

  4. I completely agree with both mocean and chigirl.Both said it well.Just list the price that you believe the bag would go for accounting for any damage/stains/or whatever other imperfections that the bag may have or may not have.Of course a bag that is from '03 or earlier and in fantastic quality would sell for much more than a bag from '03 that has alot of damage.You just have to account for everything.
  5. It's a little embarassing to admit this here, but as someone with limited Balenciaga experience :shame: I could definitely benefit from an appraiser of sorts (even if it was just advice from a Bbag "pro," if that makes sense). The only Balenciaga bags I've ever seen in real life are those I've owned-- which means 2 color bags (both Cornflower blue), then an 06 black and an 05 Caramel. I feel a little naive when it comes to actually assessing/describing the value of the bags... sure I can tell about imperfections, but as far as leather (which seems to be so subjective) I feel a little more inexperienced. If that makes sense.

    I just re-listed a bag and had to do it with the help of another PFer (thanks to her by the way :flowers:) because I didn't have much to compare it to but wanted to be 100% clear to any potential buyers.
  6. Whoops, sorry I missed the thread asking about the "blue book for b-bags" idea, Chigirl...what you say makes a whole lot of sense.
    I am usually pretty proficient at pricing my bags but I would love a few tips here and there- which I am gaining by the poundful on this forum!
    Thanks to all- great points:smile: . I am just lazy sometimes and like to have the option of paying for a service to save myself time. It also would have the advantage of lessening the time I spend talking about how wonderful the bag is because then I end up believing what I say and not wanting to sell it:lol: