Does anybody own a Mulberry Bag?

  1. We don't have a sub-forum on her for Mulberry bags and I just wondered if anybody owned one and what it was?

    I've been told that they are lovely bags and made from beautiful and thick leather but I don't really know anything else about them.

    Some photos would be good too.
  2. Yep, I've got several Mulberry bags. If you do a search you'll bring up lots of threads and pics of Mulberries. They are a quintessentially English range - very durable, great leather and classic shapes.
  3. Yes, i've got a couple of Mulberries, an Annie and an Antony.There was a recent thread where everyone posted pictures of their bags.
  4. Great thanks!
  5. hi, I just got this Mulberry Annie. I'm not sure if it's me, but I really like the bag.
    The color is Oak - they are on sale at Saks.

    mulberry 001.jpg
  6. I love my Mulberry bags. I am pretty new to them so I have a small collection. An Oak Annie (She is my favorite), and Oak Emmy and a Black Emmy. They are so lovely, and here in my neck of the woods, most people don't know what they are, but they sure get lots of attention. I have carried LVs for years, but I must say I have never felt better carrying a bag. I like the fact I don't see anyone else around here carrying Mulberry. :heart::yahoo:
  7. I got one in Chocolate! Love it. :heart:
  8. There are loads of Mulberry owners in these parts and a search will keep you busy for hours! I have an Araline which I use as a complete workhorse - it is super soft, super adaptable and great for casual, dressed down times. I have in my time owned a Bayswater, Roxanne and l began my handbag owning career with the classic Black congo range having bags in all shapes and sizes from that range. I have never once doubted the quality and it speaks volumes that when I sold all my Mulberry bags on eBay they were snapped up even the ones that were over a decade old. Highly recommended!
  9. I like the Araline - it looks really nice. Is the strap adjustable at all? I've seen its got those big tassels on it.
  10. It's a great bag. The strap is adjustable by simply adjusting the knot. At first I wasn't sure about the tassles but I love them now and they draw so many compliments. It really is a bag to throw around and yet comes up in perfect condition - it is also capacious and incredibly light, so I use it all the time when I am rushing around town, out with the kids etc. Highly recommended!
  11. I love Mulberry! I have a muave Roxanne and black Phoebe and both are so well made. My only issue is that I'm terrified to get them wet- they've both been sprayed but I heard the leather is rather fragile to moisture.
  12. I got the Phoebe in oak. I do look it, however Im gonna try to sell it in the near future because I don't use it and it's not really my style, but I still think she looks fab :heart:
  13. I have a tan bayswater and I think it's gorgeous. Nice thick leather and a simple elegant design.
  14. Ive got two aralines (black and claret) and an Oak Rosemary, and I love them all!