Does anybody know... ANYBODY!?!?

  1. Okay, so I've asked this question in like two or three different threads, and I'm sorry if I'm being a pain... lol... but I HAVE TO KNOW!!! I absolutely fell in :heart: with Jane's new Cotton Signature Carly in Chocolate... BUT I am not a big bag kind of girl. I prefer smaller ones <~ hello, I can get by with using a top handle pouch everyday. Anyway, my ONLY question is...

    Are they going to make a Cotton Signature Carly DEMI in chocolate!? :confused1: :shrugs:

    I really MUST know... from other threads I've read that there is a Large, Medium, and Small... but what about a demi!? Ugh... I don't even know if it exists and yet I want it SO SO bad... :sweatdrop:

    Thanks for your help!

  2. not sure, but you can try calling coach or going to your store and looking in the red binder.
  3. Hi. Call Coach's 800 number and ask them! They are really helpful and they don't bite! If you are afraid of them biting, send them an email.
  4. I imagine if anyone knew the answer, someone would have said so in one of the threads you asked in. :smile: These bags aren't online yet, or in a catalogue, so only a few people know about them. Maybe one of the people who work for Coach will be able to look it up and let you know, but they may not even be able to tell yet. Coach releases some bags at some times, and then later may release other versions of it. It's hard to say what will and won't ever be available.
  5. Yes someone posted a pic of it the other day. It was from a Macys ad. It is called the small carly and is #10793. It is $223. They also have it in the pouch for $198, #40526. I copied the info when I saw the picture.
    The pics are on the 1st page of the thread titled new releases. Heres thehe link.
  6. Okay... so the small carly IS the demi... YAY!!!

    Aquagirl... you have SO made my day... you seriously don't understand how much I was crossing my fingers saying "please let this bag be real... please let this bag be real..." Lol...

    I'm SO excited... :yahoo: :woohoo:
  7. Yeah from what I can tell, Macy's "small" is the same as's "demi." They're just trying to throw you off. :p PS I think I am gonna buy that one too :smile:
  8. ^^^ Wait, are you sure the ad is talking about the demi carly and not the smaller carly in denim (next to the large one)? Uh oh... now I'm a little scared... :sad: :confused1:
  9. Yay... isn't it just SUPER cute!?

    I :heart: it!!! I really do... lol... :yes:
  10. I want the demi in chocolate as well! Awesome!
    I wonder if they will come out with the Carly wristlet in chocolate. Anyone know?

    Nevermind - the awesome post that SpacyTracy wrote already said that they would have it in a carly wristlet. I can't wait!
  11. Yes I'm in love with would be my first Coach purchase! Wahoo. I have been trying to wait for a bag I love and I think this is it!
  12. The one next to the large is listed as just "Carly" I believe that it is the medium. If you look at the macy's website they list the leather Carly demi as small and the medium as Carly also. There is a wristlet for $98.
  13. OHH... how exciting!!! I've been saving my money to buy another Coach bag... and just like you, I've been waiting for one that I absolutely CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT... lol... and you're right... I think THIS IS IT!!!

    Yay for Coach! :wlae:
  14. OH... ok... whew... that was a close one... lol. :sweatdrop:

    Thanks Aquagirl!!!
  15. I haven't even seen the chocolate :x.
    I need to check it out.