Does any one object to Le Fab over L'Ingénieux PM


Black L'Ingénieux PM or Black Le Fabuleux

  1. L'Ingénieux PM

  2. Le Fabuleux

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  1. HOLY :censor:! I'm all over the map this weekend. I think between planning my wedding and trying to finish my first condo I can't make a decision to save my life. So in the prior thread I was debating between L'Ingénieux PM and Le tal. and decided to go with the L'Ingénieux PM. However, I was looking and the Le Fab is only $500 more and this my absolute hands down fav bag (as I already have the white, blue and geranium) I was thinking I should get the le fab in black? Yeah or nay?

    Sorry to keep posting but I seriously can not make up my mind I think I'm going crazy with all the choices I make daily:shocked::upsidedown::wacko::noggin:
  2. i personall love the the le fab in black over all the other choices.
    but it sounds like you should make this decision later when you can think more clearly, lol. no more :noggin:
  3. Don't you already have 3 Le Fabs?!
  4. i love the Le Fabuleux, but if you already have three of those, then why not get the L'Ingeniuex?
  5. I would go with the L'Ingenieux if you already have 3 Le Fabs...or you could give me a Le Fab or two!!!!:lol: Not to make things more difficult but have you considered the L' Epanoui GM??? I absolutely adore that bag!:love:
  6. Definitely Le Fab !
  7. yes the L'Epanoui GM is a great bag. it's about the same size as both the L'Ingenieux and Le Talenteux, and the straps are comfortable too :yes:
  8. That LeFab bag in black with the gold trim is just the love of my life. I will never own that bag and it is the sharpest bag ever....absolutely gorgeous IMO.
  9. ^ Never ever say never, you never know what will happen :biggrin:

    I decided to get the black Le Fab. It's done I ordered from elux about 5 mins. ago!
  10. Woooohooo!!!!!:yahoo:
  11. Go for the ingenieux in black or in white, it's a lifetime bag.
  12. Wow..congrats.. black Le Fab...TDF
    You are Le fab queen
  13. Sounds like you are getting nutty about planning the wedding and using bag shopping for diversion (I'm guilty), just enjoy looking at the bags right now and tell yourself you will decide after the wedding. Spontaineous buys can just wind up never being used. GOOD LVCK with the wedding and PM me if you just want some convo :smile: