Does any of you carry a small wallet with your Shoudler/Makeup bag???

  1. Hi Ladies... Just curious to know if you that own the shoulder bag ,carry a small wallet with it or just use the zip pockets (inside and out) for credit cards, cash, etc? :confused1:
  2. I have the make-up and I do use a small wallet. The Louis Vuitton Epi Ludlow. It's very small and still leaves enough room for tissues, hand cream, mints, lip gloss and sunglasses. Hope this helps!
  3. I use the pockets that are built in - coin in the pocket, and cash just sitting inside! I also have my cell phone, and a credit card thingy, and some lip gloss! I have it rigged so I can run into the store and have everything I need without having to set my precious bbag in the shopping cart!:yucky:

  4. Thanks for your reply... I know exactly the wallet you use :smile:
  5. HEY ALLY... You are to funny but I totally agree about the shopping carts.Thanks for helping a girl out :heart:
  6. I carry a small-ish wallet. On a makeup, the only pocket is on the outside, and I don't like to keep cards and money there. On the shoulder, there's an inside pocket as well - and if I wanted more space, I'd go wallet-less and keep my stuff in there :yes:
  7. No, I just carry it by itself. I take my cards / money out of my big wallet and put it in the makeup. Plus it fits a digital camera I checked out in the shops yesterday! Yes, I am actually going to be the proud owner of a digital camera!!!!
  8. I carry quite a bit in my Shoulder- it is a lot bigger than I expected! I think I expected it to be less deeper. In comparison to my LV Mono Pochette it holds a bit more. Here's a pic of what I carry in mine every day and there is still space left. I can even fit my RV Money in there!
  9. yup, i have a small wallet that i use inside the makeup. it holds a lot more than you'd think!
  10. Thanks gals for your post and thanks Marie so much for the photo :smile: Hope you all have a GREAT day!