Does accessoires come w. dustbags?

  1. I've had a few diffrent LV accessoires (Agenda, 4 x Cles, 2 x wallet) over the years, but I've never recieved dustbags with them, only with my black MC Cles. I also had a Cerises cles, but it didn't come with a dustbag either. This Christmas I got my mom the Koala change purse, and it came in a dustbag. I didn't really think about it, until a boardie posted her Mono Cles, which came with a dustbag. Has LV started giving dustbags with their accessoires now? Anyone know?
  2. They should all come with dustbags, at least mine have.
  3. everything I have bought came with a dustbag
  4. Every single item I have ever purchased from eBay had a dust bag, if you didn't get one, go back and ask for one, it's no biggie.
  5. They don't always give dustbags for small leather goods. Especially several years ago. I brought several smaller wallets and they never came with a dustbag. But lately LV has been better about this and has included dustbags for just about everything (except for my Nomade fortune keychain).
  6. I've always gotten dust bags with my accessories! :yes:
  7. The accessoires I have bought came everytime with a dustbag
  8. Aside from straps I've purchased, everything I own came with a dustbag. Although if you read some of the other threads about this subject small leather goods (like cles, agendas and wallets) are not *supposed* to come with dust bags. I guess it all comes down to your SA giving you one or not. I think someone even posted that they asked for one and were told point blank that the item they bought doesn't come with one. I'm not sure if they were given one in the end or not.
  9. I'll make sure to get them with the stuff I purchase from now on, I only have my Mono Agenda and a Damier Cles, and neither require a dustbag, since they're in daily use. It was just something I started thinking about since my mom's Koala came with a dustbag.
  10. I agree with the rest ...every small Leather good I ever bought came with a dustbag. Even my Groom Bandeau came in a dustbag.
  11. every piece i have bought from LV has. big or small. even if they do 'forget' the box sometimes.
  12. yup, all assesories - inlcuding my LV brass keychain came in a dustbag and a LV box!!!
  13. This is kind of recent. Smaller wallets and accessories NEVER had dustbags back in the day (when the brown dustbags with the LV logo were used), but as everyone else has said, nowadays they def. have them.
  14. Maybe a couple of tiny items I've had haven't come with a dustbag because they've been out of the size. But I'm always told to come back in when they get more so I can pick one up. When I bought my Bubbles ring the other day, it came in one of the tiny little brown drawstring ones and that was inside a larger dustbag that's usually used for the Cles.
  15. agree, and if you make a point to aske for one during the purchase they should give it to you regardless.......most everything I've purchased from eluxury, accessories included, have been comming with dustbags.....