Does a brown Chanel tote exist??

  1. I currently have a large cambon tote in black with white CC's. I NEED (ok, not really...I WANT) a brown Chanel tote-ish style bag (not anything patent though). I was mulling over the LV BH, and I already purchased a Moka Chloe bay and have not used her yet because I have not swooned over her, so she may be going back. I want something similar to the Cambon and LV BH style but in brown Chanel....Does this even exist?? I am not a huge fan (please don't kill me) of the GST though. Every time I go to NM in Palo Alto they have a lousy I have never seen anything like this IRL. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :p
  2. Have you seen the brown cerf tote? I love that one! Also the vintage ligne tote did come in a brown and is fabulous but it may be hard to find now.
  3. I have a medalion tote (a couple of years old though) that is chocolate brown. I like it alot.
  4. all the choices above are lovely options. the gst did come in brown and i think diamond stitch also, but not currently being sold in these colors...
  5. I believe the GST will come in dark brown this fall (last fall it was a calfskin, but it has come in caviar), but that doesn't matter since you're not a fan haha. I also agree that the cerf tote is very nice... and the vintage ligne is gorgeous in chocolate brown, as well as a lighter brown. I would imagine that you might find a great brown tote in the fall line (I hope so, because I'm partial to brown totes myself haha), so don't give up! :smile:

  6. GST
    Modern Chain
    Either Diamond Stitch or Outdoor Ligne - can't remember now. . . . and I'm sure there's more!
  7. Ohhhh, I would love a brown MC tote, I've never seen one! I hope it comes back for fall. :smile:

  8. Here are photos of my brown Chanel totes. The Modern Chain is what Chanel calls dk grey but it is really a taupe colored brown IRL - gorgeous!

    The Square Vintage tote is more of a reddish brown, not a true brown if that's what you're after. Chanel calls this one brown.

    The Outdoor tote is a true dark brown. It is smaller than the others but holds quite a bit.

    Outdoor tote is first, then Modern Chain and Square Vintage
    MCSit.JPG Square_Vintage_Tote.jpg
  9. Minal, the brown MC tote is more of a beige-brown versus a true brown. There is one on eBay - or was - not sure if it has sold. It's TDF!!!

    OMG, a brown caviar GST will surely have me opening my wallet!
  10. I think there's 2 brown in the Vintage Ligne, one is more of a tobacco color, like Ro's and the other is a deeper brown.

    Awesome pics Roey!:love:
  11. and here is lvbabydoll's dark brown vintage tote...

    i agree with swanky, beautiful pics roey!
  12. Ohhh Roey and Mick, thanks for the pics!! My wallet will be opening up for sure for a brown caviar GST, I've been waiting for it hehe (I didn't want the milky brown calfskin that was out last fall)! Roey - I LOVE your vintage ligne tote, I'm dying for one... I saw the exact same one you have a few weeks back at my NM, then the next time I went it disappeared :sad:... they had the off white one I think Swanky has, which is also gorgeous :smile: The deep brown one lvbabydoll has is stunning too ahh, so many beautiful totes!
  13. i know, this thread is a good idea bc you don't right away think brown when you think chanel, but look at all the lovely options....:drool: :love: