Do YSL bags not come with dust bags?

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  1. I was surprised when I got my Muse bag and it didn't come with a "sleeper/dust" bag? What are you storing yours in? Mine of course is the off-white, so it would have been nice to have somewhere to protect it!

    Do any of the YSL bags come with them?

  2. Yes, there should be a dust bag. Are you the first owner of the bag? If you bought it on resale, it might have been lost. If you bought it from a store, it should have the dust bag.
  3. Yes they do come with a dustbag - if you bought it from a store, I would call to get a replacement.
  4. They come with a black satin-type one.
  5. Yes - the YSL dustbags are quite luxe. Hope you're able to get the store to give you one! well.. if you bought at the store.
  6. Yup. There should be a dust bag, at least mine came with one.
  7. Yeppers, black satin.
  8. All YSL bags should come with a black satin YSL bag.
  9. Thanks ladies. I got it from NM, so it definitely should've had a dust bag with it. I'll call to find out how to get one!

    Thanks! I thought it was odd that it didn't have one, but this was my first YSL bag so I wasn't sure! :shrugs:
  10. Mine came with one and I bought it from Neiman Marcus.
  11. All my YSL's came with a dustbag. Make sure when they send you one they send you the correct size. The dusters come in different sizes according to the bag size. It should be black silky fabric with YSL in a shadowy charcoal grey going down the center. Good luck!
  12. Mine also came with a Satin-feel sleeper bag.