Do your jumping boots slouch??

  1. OMG!! Honey, I am so sorry and thank goodness you will recover. Sending healthy healing your way!
  2. This thread was originally from 2010! I hope she's recovered by now!:smile:
  3. Xenia, not a problem at all. I love being asked about the Kelly boots. That's how much I still love them. I've had mine from back when the Kelly Caleche perfume ad came out (fall 2007), when I fell for that gorgeous photo. My Kelly boots are in the mocha (brown) color, and they still look great. I had them stretched once to fit my calves, and I've been wearing them with everything including jeans/leggings/narrow pants tucked in and dresses with tights. I had them cleaned once or twice, but not every year. Last year I didn't do anything. I've had no slouching. One stitch in the back popped out, and I had a craftsman on Madison fix it on the spot.
    My second pair is the Bardigiano style (plain buckles) in black Box, and the leather is somehow thinner/softer than the mocha pair. This made my black boots less stiff, but they too have held up really well.
  4. I double that!I would like some feedback as well!:smile:
  5. Thank you Tamarind for you helpful response!
    I really appreciate it a lot!
    So glad you still love your boots and looks like they are holding up fine for you!!
    Since these boots are going to be quite an investment for me, and i need to be 100% sure, i was wondering if you happen to have any recent pictures of your boots?
    In the case that you do, i (and i am guessing many more TPFers) would really like to see some!
    Thanks again!:smile:
  6. oops..... should have noticed that!!
  7. Mine are 2 years old; not much slouch (more like a slight bend but not a crease?) but I am religious with the shoe and boot trees. I don't wear them in the rain. They are holding up great. Mild scuffs sort of blend in. I polish them about 3 times per season. Very comfortable for wearing all day. I avoid wearing them 2 days in a row so they can breathe.
  8. Xenia I don't have any recent photos. I should be as meticulous as Pepper about my boots! (Hers are in black and absolutely gorgeous...)
    I avoid rain with mine, though I have gotten caught in "very" light drizzle once or twice without any damage.
  9. Thats good to know!
    I guess if i take good care of them they shoud hold up nicely!
    Thanks again for your help Tamarid!
    Keep on enjoying your lovely Kelly boots!:biggrin:
  10. Tamarind and Pepper, thank you both for your responses! Sounds more than ever as if the Jumping boots are an investment worth making. :smile:
  11. I hope you get yours soon.
    By the way, I posted about this before, but I once saw very worn Kelly boots on someone in the Madison Ave store. I think the original color was a little lighter than my mocha pair. The owner wore them with tucked in skinny jeans or pants, and they looked fabulous and cool. She told me she wore them everyday (I assume fall/winter) for many years and did not baby them. There was some variation (lighter) of color around the edges of the foot, but the boots looked great. After seeing hers, I felt very confident to buy and then wear mine a lot.
  12. My boots have held up very well....they still look great but then again I really do baby them.
    The leather is soft and mine DO slouch around the ankle region. When I wore mine into Hermes last year, the manager told me that this is to be expected. Perhaps we all have different definitions of slouch....mine buckle slightly around the ankles. The boots are a weird fit..very tight in the calves and loose in the ankles. This is because they are a true riding boot. I had to try mine on about four times before I could figure out my size.
  13. Oh you are such an enabler Tamarid!!:biggrin:
    Now i know i "need" them!
    Hope i get them soon!!
  14. Mine have some 'give' around the ankles but not slouched. I wore mine 4+ times a week all last winter and they still look perfect. I bought the Hermes shoe creme and use it religiously when needed to buff out the odd scuff and scratch. I can't wait to get them out this winter.

  15. Happy to oblige ;)