Do your Chanels save you money???

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  1. I just want to know if your love, or obsession:graucho:, with Chanel has 'saved' you money over time because you just buy Chanel and not any other brand?
    For me, I'm a late Chanel bloomer. Before Chanel, I have a lovely collection of Marc Jacobs, Chloes, LVs, Bottega Venettas, Mulberry, Diors, and a few more I can't remember right now. But ever since I've been bitten by the Chanel bug, I found myself waiting out for Chanels instead of buying every other bag out there that's on sale. It's like every time I see a handbag on sale, I would get excited for a second, then I would look at the price tag and think "this is half the price for the CF that I want, might as well wait out", heheheh...Even my DH paid attention and commented on that.
    Do you do the same thing? I would love to hear how Chanel has changed the mind set of me and my fellow tpfers. :biggrin::biggrin:
  2. Chanel can be pretty addicting so for me personally, I would definitely say that collecting chanel for years has not saved me money. It's like Lays potato chips... You can not stop at just one!:lol:
  3. I am not sure it has saved me money. But personally, it has stopped me buying random bags ( other brand). But with the price increase it def. doesn't help!!
  4. I believe Chanel has decent resale value as compared to other fleeting it saves money in that sense. Even old vintage pieces retain decent value....
  5. not really save money. save on space maybe as i buy chanels & hermes and not other brands whose styles i find to be fleeting. my exception would be celines (got 2 and stopped).
  6. I have certainly spent more on Chanel than I have saved, but I don't spend the money on other designer handbags as I have slowly lost interest, they are not nearly as gorgeous and now I only buy Chanel bags, although my husband bought me the Jimmy Choo surfer clutch a few months ago, and I love it!
    Chanel does hold it's value which is good but I am not interested in selling my Chanel's as I want to keep them for my daughter.
  7. i would like to think it has saved me money:
    reason #1) i don't really buy useless "trendy" bags anymore
    reason #2) chanel bags retain value unlike other fashion accessories
    reason #3) chanel is mom's 80's chanel looks awesome

    but they are so expensive! :sad:
  8. I have not purchased Chanel, but I know with my love for Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga that it keeps my mind on the prize instead of cheap trinkets that will break in under a year.
  9. I got tired of buying tjmaxx bags that are destroyed after a year. Handles crack. Leather is worn. Fake stuff peels. I went designer to see the difference. 5k vs 50$ is not saving me money but well see after 10+ years lol
  10. Defintely does not save me money, but I do not desire any other brands, so I am not shopping for IT bags anymore & spending frivolously. I rather have Chanel :heart::heart:
  11. Buying Chanel doesn't save me any money, but gives me a lot of fun.
  12. I tend to think that Chanel saves me money as in I don't buy anything else that I don't actually want, if you know what I mean. Of course buying an expensive bag never saves anyone money :smile: but now that I fell in love with Chanel, I stop buying other bags which always end up in the closet collecting dust.