Do you?

  1. keep the chain on your tokidoki bag?
    :heart: Tokidoki
  2. It doesn't seem to work well on any of my bags, so I haven't...
  3. Yep
  4. I take it off if it flops around when I walk, but if it's not annoying I leave it on.
  5. I do. I love the chain. It's part of what makes the bag! :yes:
  6. I took it off my ciao ciao as it didn't stay in place. Everything else I left it on.
  7. Nah, I take it off-It flies all over the place.
  8. I've taken it off of all my tokidoki bags lol. I don't know -- it has no use to me.
  9. nope. I dunnos, don't feel the need to carry around the extra weight.... I'm lazy like that. :rolleyes:
  10. I keep them on mine. I see no use for them, but hey if it came with it, i'm going to let it stay with it. :yes:

    I have been tempted to take off the qee on my Gioco ever since he mysteriously lost an arm but for some reason I feel like that bag would be incomplete without the qee... missing an arm or not.
  11. So there's a one-armed qee on a bag? That's so original lolz...i've never heard that one.
  12. I've kept my chains on..I think they're cute. But I've taken off almost all of my qees....they just seem like they'll break.
  13. My qees have never broken :shrugs:
  14. My qee's are fine, too... I even have one as a keychain and that one's fine. But I'm not rough with my things in general... I don't toss my keys or anything. I keep my qee's on my bags, but I took them off the denaros because it gets in the way.
  15. Me too Maya...idk, it's kinda weird with the qee on the wallet...or the chain for that matter.