do you use dust bags for LV in closet?

  1. Do you keep your LVs in the dust bag when you keep it in the closet? If I don't, will the vachetta keep getting darker in the closet, even with no sun shining in there? I have one that I love the honey color patina and don't want it to get darker, and another new one that I want to get darker!
  2. Yeah! and I found that Vechetta keep getting a bit darker although I rarely used my bags and they are in coverdust ( and also in my closet ).

    But I hate the honey color. I don't like my bag to look old.
  3. Yup, I still use the dustbags.
  4. Yes on the dustbags
  5. I don't, just because I like to see what I have.
  6. Yes, I do use my dustbags when not using my LV's. I just feel like they are safer in there all tucked away..
  7. Yep, I use dustbags.
  8. No, my 2nd LV arrived on Saturday so my first is still sitting on the table, waiting to be used this Wednesday. :smile: After that.. I have no clue but I suspect dust bag.
  9. I ALWAYS store my LV's in their dustbags when not in use- it'd be a shame to let them go to waste.
  10. Some of mine are, some aren't. I keep my Miroir bags in them though.
  11. It's still getting darker even being in the closet and in dustbag:wtf: ? *sigh* I don't like patina much, I prefer light color:sad:
  12. I keep mine in their dustbags! I haven't paid too much attention to the vachetta though..
  13. Mine are in the dustbags too.

    I also LOVE :heart: virgin vachetta and don't like the darker look at all:yucky:
  14. I do use my dust bags...even for my smallest accessories. Not my monogram belt though because It did not come with one, and also my straps...I store them in the boxes.
  15. :yes: